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Speak up…Be heard..

Back in high school where the honor students are the popular ones in the batch, I was silent, sitting on the side and just talks with my group of friends. Whenever we have group assignments or projects with other classmates, I had a hard time speaking up on my idea on how its done or what should be done. I was being bullied by some of them. I was too afraid to speak up, thinking that if I did, I might get embarrassed if something would go wrong in it. Only the popular people are entitled to speaking their minds out. When I went to Manila for college, it was then that I had slowly came out of my shell. I had learned to fight for my right and speak up for what I know is right. One reason why sometimes I keep silent instead of speaking my mind is that I hate to argue with people.  I hate the fact that I have to fight for something that everyone knows but most refuse to accept. I usually am silent, just observing and hearing people’s ideas, I only speak when I am entitled to most of the time. But with the years of experience in dealing with different people from work, family, friends and clients, I am learning to always speak out and be heard, especially if I know im on the right side of the situation. I have enumerated some reasons why we should speak up:

Speaking up can:
1. show people that you are not dumb.
2. everyone benefits from it- from those who are afraid to those who wants to, u are giving them an inspiration to do so.
3. people get to learn something from what you say.
4. u get to share life experiences- Since not everyone will be experiencing what you are experiencing.. its nice to share some to people
5. speaking up means that you have the right to express your side

6. you get to fight for something you beleive in- People’s respect for you would be higher especially if they know you are right.

7. You get to know yourself more if u speak ur mind and people around you will discover something new from you if u do so.

8.  As you grow older, you get to meet more difficult people, its a good practice to speak ur mind in order for those difficult people to know that you can handle them well

9. It makes u a stronger person if you can express yourself well to others.

10. Its simply ur right to speak up and be heard.

Don’t be afraid to speak and fight for what is right!! Remember that there are no right or wrong ideas, (except if its something really bad).

[Food Trip] Chicken Charlie @ The Peak G-Mall

Last Dec 09, 2011, Me and my friends had our usual girls nyt out, went food tripping again at The Peak for a change since we usually would spend our night outs dining at the restos around Abreeza Mall or anywhere around the City. A few days back I had read that Chicken Charlie will be opening on Dec 08, 2011. Since it was a day after the opening, we decided to drop by after our dinner for just a quick food trip. Chicken Charlie has several branches around Metro Manila, the store was also featured on Entreprenuer Magazine as one of the Food Trends that rocked 2011. Their chicken is somehow the local version of the famous Bon Chon Chicken which is popular in Korea. The prices for their chicken is just a bit lower than the price of Bon Chon. The difference of ordinary fried chiken and the chicken from Charlies is that in frying their chicken..they included the dip in frying the chicken. There are two sauces of chicken that is available which are the Soy Garlic and Hot Sweet Sauce. We ordered the 8 pcs drumsticks since its my fave part of the chicken. We had both the Soy Garlic and Hot Sweet Sauce. I tasted the Hot Sweet sauce first and liked it better than the soy garlic. They also have other side dishes to choose from. The service was quick. But the chicken was cooked at around 10-15 mins. I will surely visit them again soon, but this time with my family.


Here are what we ordered:
Potato Wedges


8 pcs Drumstick – we ordered 4 pcs Spicy & 4 pcs Soy Garlic

Charlies Bowl – chicken rice toppings w/ rice



*Chicken Charlie is located at 4th flr. The Peak, Gaisano Mall of Davao..

THERMOS & Chef Nino Laus special Christmas Recipes.

Thermos has invited us to share the special Christmas Recipes by Chef Nino Laus. Knowing Thermos that its a popular brand for electric hot pots, I just thought that maybe they will launch something just similar to it. But this time  it  launched its latest product which are their cookwares which has the 5 layers and Thermax that keeps the food fresh and hot, or keeps cold desserts for longer hours. Its really good to invest on good quality cookwares like this. Thermos has a wide variety of products depending on your needs.
Photobucket Photobucket

Here are some of the products:

1. Thermos Office- travel tumblers and thermos lunch kits for people on the go but still want to keep their food/drinks longer.

2. Thermos Kids- for kids to keep their baon free from spoiling due to dangerous bacterias

3. Thermos Sports- for athletes and sports enthusiast, to keep their drinks hot/cold for up to 3-hrs.

Thermos invited the popular chef Nino Laus, which owns several restos around Metro Manila to share some Christmas Recipes. Chef Nino will also be opening a few restos around Davao on the coming months.Some of the recipes are tiring to prepare but most of the recipes are quite simple to prepare.  I once had dreamed of becoming a chef, but seeing him prepare the food, I felt like its really tiring to do it everyday, but surely with your love for food, God given talent, lots of patience, surely being a chef won’t be that hard.


The dishes which were prepred are: Castanas Veloute w/ duck leg Confit,  Seafood Paella & Wasabi Cream Pasta w/ Smoke Salmon. We were given samples of the food the chef had prepared. Chef Nino taught us the process of smoking the Salmon and we had tasted the Salmon sashimi style.  Luckily the Davao Bloggers where given the chance to taste the Wasabi Cream Pasta w/ Smoke Salmon. Out of the recipes the chef had share. I like the Wasabi cream pasta w/ salmon the most. Must learn how to smoke the salmon soon… 🙂


[Gift Ideas] OMG

Its the season of giving…Christmas is just a few weeks away and most of us are still too busy with work. Have you guys started ur shopping for ur loved ones? Friends? God childrens? OMG has nice items for people who are on a budget but still wants something nice and useful things to give. Its also a good idea for ur office or ur kids exchange gift in school or a simple gift for ur friends.

Here are some of the items:






Check out our store for more items…
OMG is located at 1st Level of Abreeza Mall in front of Aldo n People are people.

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