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[Food Trip] Crystal Jade

Crystal Jade is known for their famous Xiao Long Bao or Steamed soupy Pork Dumpling steamed on a small basket like they do with the famous siomai. When eating the Xiao Long Bao you should be careful as the soup inside is hot, usually you have to put some sauce made of soy sauce n ginger with the dumpling using the spoon and sip it as you take a bite. It was my first time to try Crystal Jades Xiao Long Bao, I wasn’t aware that there is soup inside the dumpling, I was just informed by my friend to be careful in biting it as the soup was already on the plate. The resto had open its 1st branch in the Philippines at the Greenhills Shopping Center area.  Aside from trying their famous dumpling, we had a cup of noodles each for dinner with my manila friends.  The dumplings have different flavors aside from the Plain dumpling that we ordered.  The food was good but the prices is quite expensive. Will still visit them again next time with my family.

Here are what we had ordered:


I was curious about this that I decided to order this hainanese chicken with cold noodles. As it was served, the noodles was plainly bland, I pour some hot sauce to give it a nice taste, but it taste a bit spicy.
Photobucket Noodles with Spicy Chicken

our group just had noodles for dinner with a piece of Dumplings each.

Photobucket  noodles with beef in spicy oil.

Photobucket noodles with dried shrimps & peanut in spicy sauce

[Food Trip] Wee Nam Kee

     Upon arriving Manila from Davao last weekend, we had dinner at Serendra, the Fort. We chose Wee Nam Kee since they want to try their famous Singaporean Hainanese Chicken. Wee Nam Kee is known for its Hainanese Chicken back in Singapore, it had opened its first branch in the Philippines at the Ayala Triangle which is also an area of restos in Makati.

Photobucket Photobucket

We ordered the medium size Steamed Hainanese Chicken, the chicken was juicy the sauce was a bit sweet, but I really love the taste of it.  We also ordered additional food like the Oatmeal Prawns which is also popular Singaporean dish.. a plate of  stir fried noodles and hot & sour soup. It was a late night dinner since our flight from Davao was a bit delayed, the resto was about to close whe we arrived. the place was like the chinese restos we usually see around the city. The food is not too picey, good for people who loves Asian food at a budget price. They also have set meals that is composed of a quarter of chicken and soup for P168. Will definitely visit them again soon to try their roasted chicken and roast pork soon.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Davao Bloggers Acquaintance Party

Yesterday was the Davao Bloggers acquaintance party which was held at the Royal House along Claveria street. It was also the induction of the officers for this year. It was my first time to attend the induction though I have met some of the bloggers thru the events I have attended a few months ago.Counselor Mabel Sunga Acosta was our speaker during the event. I was one of the new bloggers since I just started a few months ago. It was a simple yet fun event. There was the usual Quiz night which was done by group, raffles and induction of the new bloggers.Image


I was hesitant to speak in front of a lot of people to introduce myself and my blog site since eventhough I love talking it was kind of awkward to speak in front of everyone which I barely know. It still got me thinking that even though I might be talkative around a different crowd, I sometimes am shy. I think I still have to improve myself by practicing to talk in front of a group of people to develop this skill.


Anyway, the event got me inspired to keep blogging since there were times that I get uninspired and lazy to post blogs. But this time I’m thinking of updating my blogs a few times more in a month for it gives me the freedom to speak out what I want to share to the blogging world. 

The event was really fun. Got to meet   more new people around Davao and around the Blogging world.



[Food Trip] Tiny Kitchen


Been attempting to dine on Tiny Kitchen a few times before they had transferred to their new location along Torres st. To no avail, it was always full. So one time me and my family decided to have an early dinner and decided to give it another try. We went their early, we got a table for the 6 of us.

They have transferred to a little more bigger place beside the resto Ronaldo’s. The place was cozy, their menu was written on a blackboard,you’ll just have to ask them to translate their spanish named dishes.

Since I’ve heard that their specialty is Paella, we ordered a small size seafood paella to just try it, it was really good with lotsa seafood. A friend recommended to try their Rosemary chicken, we also did order, and 2 beef dishes which were Mechado and Caldereta and a pasta dish which was with Chorizo something.. forgot the exact name.I love the Calderata with its juicy meat and the yummy sauce, it makes you want to eat more rice with it. Both the

mechado and Caldereta was good

ImageRosemary Chicken

They have big order is good for 2 persons. Since the 5 of us are first timers in dining at Tiny Kitchen, we were very satisfied with the food, the paella was quite pricey but it was good. We also tried their selection of desserts, we had a slice of Frozen Mango Brazo, n 2 different chocolate cakes with mousse in it..forgot the names since its was my siblings who had ordered them. Though I’m not much of a Spanish food lover, but the food served where enough to convince me to come back to try more of their dishes. I would say I am very satisfied… 🙂

ImageSeafood Paella 

ImageBeef Caldereta

Our Desserts 🙂

Image  ImageFrozen Mango Brazo Image