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[Events] Clawdaddy opens at SM Lanang

Clawdaddy the great American Picnic’s Media Launch was held  last October 22,2012. Friends from the media & bloggers were invited to taste their food. I was one of the  privileged to get invited to the event. Clawdaddy specializes on Seafoods cooked in Cajun Seafood cooking, their extensive menu includes American food like steaks, ribs & other seafood specialties.


On the event, we were served with Davao’s fresh produce which are the Seafoods & the fresh fruits. We had a feast of flavors from their bestsellers to their seafoods. Here are some of the food served on the Media Launch:


Tri-color Nachos w/ Malagos Cream cheese & Guacamoles …Clam Chowder

Their Tri-color nachos in Malagos cheese is something new to me since the usual nachos I get to enjoy usually has this melted cheese and salsa, but this one is different since the salsa was made with mangoes, tomatoes and some greens. The Clam chowder is really good since its made of three kinds of clams which are the white clams, green clams & Imbao in a thick Malagos Bleu Cheese chowder is really good.


Seafood Skewers  & Tablea & Coffee Bread Pudding

The Seafood skewers is a mix of  Tuna  Malasuge Kebab is good, the fish was freshly grilled with sunville rice Pilaf will soon be  an addition to their menu. Not to forget the dessert, we were served with Tablea & Coffee Bread Pudding which is local dark chocolate & grown Coffee bread pudding with Marang Sauce & white chocolate cream cheese frosting. I’m not a fan of desserts but this one got me, it was quite interesting to give this pudding a touch of Davao by adding the Marang sauce to it.  This 4 new additions will soon be in their menu. Its something new for everyone to try.

   Have you ever wondered how does this Taste of Davao is all about? At a first glance, its just like your ordinary Four Season shake. Its made of Davao’s popular fruits (Durian, Pomelo, Marang & Mango) it tasted like your usual Four seasons with a hint of durian n a little sweetness of Pomelo & Marang. Something you guys should try when you visit the resto.

We were also served with some of their bestsellers which are the (from Left to Right) Cajun Shrimp Pomelo Salad its made of seared bacon wrapped shrimps, the greens, herbed croutons, organic tomatoes & Passion fruit in Pomelo viniagrette. I love the bacon wrapped shrimp mix with the greens, it really a good combination.

Grilled Oysters are char-grilled oysters are fresh, its something I don’t usually get to taste at home. This Clawdaddy Fish fry are a mix of fried Calamari, cornmeal crusted clams, blackened fish & Shrimp Popcorn w/ 3  sauces which are the tartar sauce, malt vinegar and cocktail sauce. Clawdaddy’s Fish fry is like a seafood sampler is really a good appetizer.I like their Calamari & Shrimp popcorn in Tartar sauce.  Their char grilled Baby back ribs in Honey & Molasses bbq sauce w/ dirty Jambalaya rice & Coleslaw is really good, the ribs are tender with the right amount of sweetness on the bbq sauce is good especially when paired with their dirty Jamabalaya rice. The Singaporean Crabs are crabs in sweet chili sauce, its something I really love since I am a fan of sweet spicy food, its sweetness n spiciness are just right. A must-try for new diners.


However, outstanding among their mouthwatering choices, are their delectably irresistible Boiling Bags. Found nowhere except in the superior kitchen of Clawdaddy, these boiling bags offers an array of seafood choices such as shrimp, prawn, mussels, and clams cooked in a Cajun spices.For all these the choices for the flavoring include Garlic butter, creole Cajun and the home grown clawdaddy spice. Choosing as well between mild or spicy.

Included in their quality seafood offerings are various types of crabs such as Typhoon Crab, Butter Ginger and Sand of the Beach. I love their Boiling bags, they have retained the freshness of the seafood in using this boiling bag in cooking the seafood together with the spices. Its not your usual crabs n seafood boiled and you get to pair it with our usual (soy sauce, calamansi & vinegar) to go with it. Its something different.  Its a must-try! for first timers.


Clawdaddy offers more than great food, it provides an opportunity to bond with the people close to your heart over bibs, buckets of shells and most importantly an unforgettable cuisine that offers the best that the sea has to offer.­­

[Events] SM Lanang Cyberzone Opening

Last September 27, a day before the official opening of SM Lanang’s Cyberzone. We were invited to attend this event with other bloggers and the media. Upon entering the Cyberzone, you’ll discover that everything you need in terms of tech stuffs you can find it all here. From Laptops to mobile phones and other gadgets are here. Its indeed a one-stop place for the “techies”


During the event, they had invited a Brazilian model and a host to cover the event, there were also games like kinect, they where also 2 robots and they had a photobooth. Among the stores that where opened where Qube, 8telecoms, Octagon, Tekpone and lots of other tech stores.


To know more about the company, visit SM Lanang Premier Facebook Fanpage ( and SM Cyberzone’s website at
To connect with Cyberzone on Facebook, follow and like them on


[Events] Max’s launched its 4sharing meal

We just had attended Max’s Fried Chicken’s launch of its 4sharing Meals. It was held on its first branch here in Davao which is located in Abreeza mall. They are opening their 2nd branch this November at SM Lanang Premiere.  They invited us Davao Bloggers to try the 2 new dishes that is included on the 4sharing meal which are the Adobong Baka sa Gata & Beef Caldereta, which are among the Filipino favorites that compliments with the popular Max’s Fried Chicken. Since most of the people who dine out on restaurants are in groups. They had thought of  a group meal bundled for 4. The meal includes 4 Rice, 4 Iced Tea, 1 Whole Max’s Fried Chicken and a choice of either  the Adobong Baka sa Gata or Beef Caldereta @ P899.

Photobucket Photobucket

   Max’s Adobong Baka is a sure favorite with its tender chucks of beef and sayote cooked in a rich and mildly spiced coconut milk sauce with green finger chili.  Max’s Beef Caldereta, It’s a hearty beef stew in thick tomato-based sauce, with just the right level of spiciness, garnished with tomatoes, carrots, red and green bell peppers and green peas. I had tasted both the Calderetang Baka & Adobong Baka sa Gata, but among the two, I like the Adobong baka sa Gata more since I like viands w/ gata. But I assure you both of them taste good.  If you order Max’s 1 whole chicken for take-out, you will get a bottle of Max’s ketchup that goes well with your Max’s Fried Chicken, its available for take out.
Aside from this good news, they are offering kiddie party themes which are the Junior Master Chef kiddie Party & the Junior Art kiddie Party. Will keep you guys updated on this new kiddie parties soon.


Max’s 4Sharing Group Meal offering is available for delivery and take-out at Max’s Davao, located at the 2nd Floor of Abreeza Mall Davao in J.P.  Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City. It’s time to make the beeline once again to Max’s Restaurant! Learn more about Max’s 4Sharing Meals by logging on to Visit and be the first to know about the coolest offerings from the Filipino’s most loved brand. For deliveries you can call them at (082) 285-0558