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[Events] Blugre proudly Davao

When coffee shops weren’t a trend way back, Blugre was one of the pioneering coffee shops. Durian coffee was on every coffeeholics list of must-try whenever they visit Davao. Blugre has made it big in Mindanao’s coffee market, from its first branch in Bajada, Landco Building, it has grown to 6 more branches around Metro Davao, 2 branches in GenSan & a new branch in Tagum City. With its fast growing branches, we can say that nothing beats the King of coffee shops. Each branches caters to different crowds, its a good place for meetings, bonding with family & friends.

Blugre has invited us bloggers to a meeting, for updates on their current & future plans. Among its latest news are that they had opened a new branch in Davao which is located near Davao Doctors Hospital which would be their first coffeeshop to open 24 hrs, and recently they had opened another in Tagum City.

 photo 483500_zps7bb78525.jpg

Blugre MTS Branch offers affordable packages ideal for meetings, birthdays & barkada hang-outs:

For P2,000 with P100 GC:

– 5 cafe mocha

-5 ice blended mocha

-3 cheese roll bites

-2 potato chips

-3 slices of choco torte

for P4,000 with P200 GC:

-5 Cappucino

-5 Cafe Mocha

-5 Brewed Coffee or House Blend Iced Tea

-5 durian cappucino

-3 Tuna Cheese Melt

-3 Sausage Pepper Penne

-3 choco torte

-3 potato chips

for P6,000 with P500 GC

-10 Cappucino

-10 Brewed Coffee or House Blend Iced Tea

-10 Iced Blended Durian

-4 Penne Tuna Pesto Cream

-5 Ham & Cheese

-5 Cheese roll bites

-5 Choco Torte

-Blugre MTS now serves BREAKFAST!


-Blugre Abreeza is now brewing and now ready to serve new cakes and pastries.

-Blugre is doing great renovations on their branches

-Blugre Tagum has opened

-Blugre Davao Doctors branch has opened.

– They are planning to go International..SOON!


-Photo Contest via Facebook

-Promotions of new items in their Menu.

Here is a photo of us bloggers with Ms. Siy & Mr. Cuaresma.

 photo 483504_zpse8e5cf13.jpg

With its fast growing branches, we can say that nothing beats the King of coffee shops.

” We are not just a cup of coffee; We are a global brand, a lifestyle and a brand that gives back! “

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[Events] Bulgogi Brothers Opens @ SM Lanang

Davao has become a food haven as recently a lot of restaurants from different places had opened here at SM Lanang Premiere. One of its latest addition to its numerous new dining places is Bulgogi Brothers. A Korean restaurant which specializes on Bulgogi (which means Fire meats), its a franchise from korea brought to us by the Bistro group of restaurants which also had franchised Friday’s & Italiannis. Just a short background about Bulgogi Brothers, it has 38 stores over South Korea, its first international branch is the one in Manila.

I love spicy food, since korean food is a mix of spicy food & almost similar to Japanese food. I had no problem in adapting to it. In fact, me & my family would dine at least twice a month on korean resto’s around town.  Whats good about korea food is that their everyday meal is healthier compared to other dishes and you will feel that you are having a lite meal since almost all of the food served at the resto is not just delicious but also healthy.

As we entered the restaurant, we were immediately serve with a cup of their corn tea, while they introduce what we will be having during the taste test. We were served with their complimentary side dishes such as pickled veggies, sweet corn, eggplant & of course Kimchi.
 photo 1f9c2614-c035-4757-88d4-7b2b083dbe06_zps9172898b.jpghe

For starters, we had their new addition to their choice of Salad

 photo 8fbe02c2-2d3c-4c3a-944d-e269029aa13d_zps8d135c6d.jpg

Chicken Naengchae Must Try! – Honey chicken w/ Salad  in Oriental dressing.. I like this dish, something new to my taste since it has honey chicken

 photo 677f0a36-7f01-4ab8-9011-672dc260bccc_zps6b25a545.jpg

Haemul Gungjung Mandu (MUST TRY!) Fried dumpling with seafood served with spicy sauce. This is one of my favorite among the dishes served. I like the dumplings with the spicy sauce.. they are perfect together (for those who love spicy sauces)

 photo 421d2adc-4dd2-4fc4-a3b7-a216278cd0d0_zps336dee34.jpg

Dubu Steak- Fried tofu steak with teriyaki sauce, its something light yet really good.
 photo ba11e032-7cd3-4010-b2f4-dba9c653414d_zpsb8e8424f.jpg

Bulgogi Brothers Special- Heart-shaped marinated beef w/ sweet potatoes & Onions

 photo b03542cb-5c74-485d-bd46-b0f4dc44bfaa_zps7d29ca09.jpg.

Premium Ribeye & Boneless Short Ribs Combination(MUST TRY!) I love the taste of this, the tender beef strips mixed with bean sprouts

 photo 3b637724-b895-4cb8-8f9e-1762f9912e77_zps3eaec585.jpg

Kimchi Jigae– (kimchi Stew) is a bit spicy for people who aren’t into spicy food, but this is really good, aside from the kimchi, it has white rice cake mixed in it. its something korean-chinese dish. After gulping the soup, ul feel a bit refreshed .. (go figure) 😀

 photo bfc49d6f-59b6-457e-a5aa-c6eb1d53b542_zpsa8fa8754.jpg

Haemul Bimbimbap– Rice topped with shrimps, squid & veggies- If your a fan of korean rice topping, you would love this.

 photo 8532d6ed-4796-4d50-90aa-bb41126e5bd1_zpsc2c97293.jpg

For the drinks we were made to choose from the two best-sellers which are the Raspberry Tea mint ( Raspberry concentrate w/ mint leaves ) & Citrus Mint (Calamansi concentrate w/ mint leaves). For desserts they brought a bundle of  korean ice creams for us.

 photo 4cac5dce-915a-4ba8-b13c-3c53782295ab_zpsb90fedb2.jpg

It was a fun dining here at Bulgogi Brothers. I would recommend foodies & people who are game in trying different dishes to try this out. Its fun dining the korean way.


Bulgogi Brothers

3rd Level SM Lanang Premiere

you can check their Fan page @