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Starbucks launches New Sandwiches & Starbucks Card

During the Kadayawan week last August 13,2013 Starbucks had invited us bloggers, to a night of Coffee tasting/latest Lunch Sandwiches launch & Starbucks Card launch at their SM Lanang Premiere branch. It was a night of fun, prizes, surprises & food tasting for us. I was excited to attend this as it was the 1st Starbucks event in Davao. I’m not much of a coffee lover but I love hanging out on coffee shops with friends and try their non-coffee drink/ food.

The healthy eaters, food lovers and  starbucks regulars would be raving as Starbucks presents their 5 new Lunch sandwiches that would definitely satisfy not just the health-conscious foodies but also everyone who loves to try out something new every once in a while. Here are the latest on their menu:

Salami & Cheese on Marbled Rye Bread @ P165– Soft & Chewy bread with a sliced of salami, provolone and cheddar cheese. This combination is really good. Definitely one of my fave.


Spinach Artichoke and Mushroom on Herbed Multi-grain bread (MUST TRY!) @ P160– A vegetarian sandwich with a delicious blend of cheese, spinach, artichoke, mushrooms, garlic n onions. Its a healthy sandwich that is not just healthy but also tasty.



Bacon & Cheese on Herbed Ciabatta Bread (MUST TRY!) @ P165- Grilled cheese sandwich coupled with 6 types of cheeses and crispy bacon strips w/ seasoned creamy pesto sauce on Herbed Ciabatta bread. Its the ultimate comfort food that is sinfully delicious. Its the first sandwich I tasted during the food tasting that got me the “love at first bite” vote. Definitely a must-try.


Classic Tuna & Cheese on Dark Ciabatta Bread @ P175– Healthy classic tuna dill salad, slices of hard-boiled egg & creamy melted cheese  on a toasted Ciabatta bread. It may look like a chocolate bread, but its ciabatta bread. Its one classic sandwich which is healthy and a meal on its own.



Roasted Chicken Pesto and Shitake  Mushroom on Flat bread @ P165–  Juicy roasted chicken breast fillet tossed with pesto mayo sauce and Shitake mushrooms with 2 types of cheeses on grilled flat bread. It somehow taste oriental due to the shitake mushrooms. Its something unique to try.

I usually visit Starbucks, order a drink or a slice of dessert, haven’t tried any of their sandwiches. It was just a few weeks back that I get to taste and appreciate the sandwiches that are in their menu.

Aside from the 5 new sandwiches,  they also presented the Starbucks VIA ready Brew that are made from responsibly grown and ethically sourced high quality Arabica beans. Roasted and brewed according to Starbucks standards.









 3 variants:

Colombia – Enjoy the rich, smooth taste, w/ that signature walnut-like taste found in great Colombian coffees. 3-Pack @ P130 & 12-pack @ P450

Italian Roast – Genuine, dark-roasted Starbucks coffee.  3-Pack @ P130 & 12-pack @ P450

Decaf Italian Roast – high-quality , 100% Arabica, naturally decaffeinated ready brew Coffee. 12-pack @ P470


 Starbucks Limited Edition Kadayawan Tumbler 2013– Inspired by the scenery, rich culture and bountiful feast of Davao City, Starbucks features a limited edition Kadayawan Tumbler.


Starbucks Card

Starbucks Coffee Company launched the Starbucks card to give us coffee loving customers turn our visits into rewards. It has been their mission to continiously uplift the Starbucks Experience and exceed customer expectations. Its a more safer and convenient way to  enjoy your cup of Starbucks coffee using the card plus you earn stars with every purchase of any handcrafted beverage, 250g of whole bean coffee and 12-pack of Starbucks VIA ready brew from Starbucks. The stored value loyalty card offers customers rewards when making purchases at over 210 Starbucks stores in the country.  Starbucks customers can activate a Starbucks Card for a minimum amount of P300. It can be reloaded with money from P100 up to a maximum amount of P10,000 – it gives customers the convenience of enjoying their favorite drinks/food without their wallet. Customers who also register online can protect their balance anytime their card is lost or stolen. Register your card and get a free Grande drink from Starbucks.


Customers can use their Stars to redeem:

  • any Grande handcrafted beverage for every 12 Beverage Stars
  • Any 250g whole bean coffee for every 10 whole bean stars
  • Any 12-pack Starbucks VIA Ready Brew for every 10 Starbucks VIA Stars.

For more information you can visit




Archipelago 7107 by Barrio Fiesta

Through the years, Davao has been booming. With the opening of 3 malls during the last few years, I can say that restaurants from Manila, Cebu and other places around the Philippines are confident in opening their branch here in Davao. With a number of new restaurants here, we would not need to go places just to dine on our favorite restaurants outside of the city. One of the new restaurant which just had opened here is Archipelago 7107 by Barrio Fiesta. Last July 31,2013 Archipelago has its grand opening.

How Archipelago 7107 started:

For years, most Filipino restaurants in the country serves only their perspective regional recipes. The north has the Kampampangan recipes which gave us Sisig & Pinakbet, the south has given us Inasal na Manok and Kanin sa Puso, but not many Filipino restaurants have given us all of these recipes under one roof. Thus the idea of Archipelago 7107 by Barrio Fiesta was born. The concept of serving authentic recipes from anywhere in between the 7107 islands under one menu, therefore giving the customer a wider range of choices than your normal Filipino restaurants. Aside from the loved Barrio Fiesta recipes, such as the Crispy Pata, Kare-kare and Pinakbet, our chef will offer rare delicacies once in a while.

The ambience of the resto is casual and chic, not the traditional bamboo decor most Filipino restaurants are known for. As for the prices of the food it goes from around P120-695 per dish which is good for 2-4 persons.

Archipelago 7107 by Barrio Fiesta is a brainchild of young entrepreneurs Antero Sison III, Carlo Lorenzana, Alberto Bacani and Alan Bangco who teamed up with the 3rd generation restauranteur Tyrone Ongpauco from the Barrio Fiesta chain of restaurants.  The restuarant will cater to families for celebrations and gatherings, young professionals wanting to unwind with friends. After dinner, Archipelago 7107 transforms into a full blown lounge bar, eager to please the discerning partyphile.

During the blessing and opening of Archipelago:


During the opening, members of the Davao Bloggers were invited to another night of Filipino feast. Here are what we had that night. Their ever famous Kare-Kare, Crispy Pata,

Barrio Fiesta’s Kare-Kare-  Tender oxtail tripe stewed in creamy peanut sauce. Regular @ P230 Family @ P350


Crispy Pata -Barrio Fiesta’s ever famous Crispy Pata is crunchy outside and juicy inside.. A must try..


Chicharon Bulaklak


Ilocano Rice– Rice with salted eggs, tomatoes and Bagnet. One of my fave dish


Sinalab Special-(Good for 4-5 persons)- Combination of seafoods & assorted meats served in Kawayan tray @ P640


Mama Chit’s Special– a bilao of fried catfish, spring rolls, calamares, veggies and seafood in a basket. Must Try!

Dining at Archipelago was such a good experience, with good food, affordable price and good friends to dine with, it is indeed a new place to try out!


Archipelago 7107 by Barrio Fiesta

2/F Fountain Court, SM Lanang Premiere

Lanang, Davao City

Davao Gourmet Collective

SM Lanang Premiere is holding the 1st Davao Gourmet Collective, a group of the best known food around Davao is showcased in this event held at the Atrium.  In celebration of the Kadayawan, they are inviting us to a weekend of food trip that you can indulge from various gourmet selections by this participating restaurants/suppliers and purveyors. Here are the participating purveyors for the 3-day weekend event.


Villa Margarita- try their lasagna formaggio and different dips


Barrio Burrito by Chef Monica Floreindo- try their bagnet burrito


Osvaldo’s Cakes-  their pastries are uniquely flavored, some of my personal favorites pomelo cheesecake, durian cheesecake & the spicy dilis frosting cupcake.


Beko’s Biik- try their lechon rolls available in regular & spicy flavors

Blugre Coffee-try their durian bar, choco torte and other pastries


Malagos Farmhouse– try their gourmet cheeses and specialty food products


Crazy Cook taste their Asian steamed bun with different exciting fillings


Cellar de Bocatheir empanadas & Beef Steak Rice are bestsellers


Morisco Ristorante- Pizza Madessa

2013-08-16 11.16.54

JR by Jonathan’s Cupcakery

Come visit….SM Lanang Premiere… Happening this August 16-18, 2013Happy Kadayawan Dabawenyos!!!

Exclusive Kadayawan offer to Globe subscribers

Exclusive Kadayawan offer to Globe subscribers

Get a chance to meet Xian Lim when you get a Cloudfone bundle or handset with the Globe Best-Ever mySUPERPLAN

 Celebrating its strong presence in the region, Globe Telecom is extending a special and exclusive offer to its subscribers in Davao as part of the Kadayawan Festival, Davao’s biggest annual festival that celebrates life, culture and thanksgiving.


From August 1 to 15, 2013, all Davaoenos who avail of a Cloudfone 352g and Cloudpad bundle FREE at Plan 499 with the Best-Ever mySUPERPLAN will get a chance to win an exclusive Meet and Greet session with one of today’s hottest heartthrobs and Cloudfone endorser Xian Lim. 

Apart from the phone and tablet bundle, subscribers can choose from other Cloudfone handsets bundled with a Globe postpaid plan. All a subscriber needs to do is to go to any of the participating Globe Davao Stores in Ayala Abreeza, SM City Davao, SM Lanang Premier or Gaisano Mall Davao, apply for a Best-Ever mySUPERPLAN with a Cloudfone of his/her choice, and wait for the approval of the postpaid plan application.

Each approved postpaid application will allow the subscriber to pick a prize such as the Meet and Greet Session with Xian Lim as grand prize, Xian Lim’s autographed “It’s So You” CDs as major prizes, and Globe premium items as minor prizes.

Globe-Cloudfone Xian Lim

Eighty (80) grand prize winners or twenty (20) winners per participating Globe Store will have the privilege to meet Xian up close and personal. Meanwhile, there will be forty (40) winners of the limited edition autographed CDs and one hundred (100) winners of Globe premium items.

The popular actor, singer and model will fly to Davao on August 18, 2013 to celebrate the Kadayawan Festival with Davaoenos and will visit the four (4) participating Globe Stores in the region to meet the lucky winners of the promo.

“Davao will always be an important market for Globe so we’re very excited to offer this exclusive promo to our subscribers in the region in celebration of the Kadayawan Festival,” said Raul Macatangay, Head of Globe Postpaid. “We invite all Davaoenos to take advantage of this special offer and avail of the Cloudfone bundle or any Cloudfone handset with the Best-Ever mySUPERPLAN, and get the chance to meet Xian Lim up close and personal or bring home premium items from Globe.”


Globe Best-Ever mySUPERPLAN is a next-generation postpaid plan with fully-customizable plan components, a plan value almost twice the value of prepaid load, and more contract periods to choose from, ranging from 6, 12, 18, to 24 months. With the Best-Ever mySUPERPLAN, subscribers get the ultimate flexibility in creating a postpaid plan that best fits their needs, lifestyle, and budget. To know more about the Best-Ever mySUPERPLAN, visit or call 730-1010.

[DFAT 2013] Partoza Farm

After the Chinese food tour from Chef Lu & Marco Polo Lotus Court. We headed to Partoza Farm, its an hour away from the city. I was not really familiar of the places outside the city, but had fun chatting with friends inside the van. Partoza Farm is located in Tugbok district. It is a quiet place ideal for small group retreats, educational fieldtrips and day tour away from the busy city. Upon arriving, we were invited to tour around the farm. Got to know some new plants and gain more knowledge about different plantss & herbs, I’m not much interested in farming but somehow have learned some new ideas about it.


2099 2102


We were treated to this yummy cinnamon’s by Annie Pie before the tour

2013-06-16 16.33.31 2013-06-16 16.34.48

We had tour around the durian trees around the place, here are some of the plants:

2013-06-16 17.01.38

2013-06-16 17.21.54 2013-06-16 17.21.47

2013-06-16 17.20.56 2013-06-16 17.20.36



The owner also let us try this berry called Magic Berry or Synsepalum dulcificum, also known as the miracle fruit, is a plant with a berry that, when eaten, causes sour foods (such as lemons, limes, green mangoes) subsequently consumed to taste sweet. The effect is called miraculin, which is commercially used as sugar substitute. When the fleshy part is eaten, the sour foods we eat would taste sweet. After trying it, we were given slices of green mangoes, and amazingly, those sour mangoes tasted sweet after having the magic berry.  The effect of the sweet taste through the magic berry can last up to an hour.

After the tour, we had an sumptuous early dinner before heading back to Davao. Here are what we had:

Deep Fried Hito (catfish)

Tinola Paella

Chicken Curry

Grilled Pork

Green Mangoes for Appetizers

Durian for dessert (no pics) in different varieties,  since we were all excited to taste the durian, we forgot to take a pic of it.


Partoza Durian Farms
Barangay Biao Escuela, Tugbok District, Davao City 8000
Phone: +63 82 2264406 (telefax)
+63 82 2861598
Mobile: +639177147332 or +639209607332

Kadayawan 2013 schedule of Activities

   Its August again, time for the yearly Kadayawan Festival Celebration here in Davao. It is a celebration of good harvest of fruits and flowers season. The celebration is held on the third week of August yearly. The term “Kadayawan” is derived from the Mandaya word “madayaw” , a warm and friendly greeting used to explain a thing that is valuable, superior, beautiful, good or profitable.

   Here is the Official activity schedule for this year’s Kadayawan Celebration:


Madayaw Dabaw!

[DFAT2013] Lotus Court – Marco Polo Hotel Davao

After having our chinatown food tour at Chef Lu, we immediately proceeded to Marco Polo Davao’s Lotus Court for another Chinese food feast.  I love the feel you get upon entering Lotus court, it makes u feel like an empress walking around the place.

First, we had the appetizers or in chinese we call it leng pua which means 6 kinds of appetizers in one plate, but here we only have 5 kinds.


In chinese we call it leng pua which means 6 kinds of appetizers in one plate, but here we only have 5 kinds.

Our eyes were feasting as each dishes were serve right before our eyes. Just by seeing the cart of dimsum near, I was really happy to get one of each kind to try. Among the dimsum, my personal fave is of course the classic siomai and xiao long bao.


 Siomai, Hakao & xiao long bao


Yin Yang Garoupa- Deep Fried Lapu-lapu fillet in oriental sauce



 Sauteed Diced Beef w/ Basil Soy Sauce


Roast Peking Duck, done 3 ways. duck skin wrapped with shallots


 Minced duck in lettuce wrap


Duck Soup


Diced Chicken Fried Rice w/ Abalone Sauce


Almond Jelly w/ Lychee

Choco Buchi

More than just the sumptuous food it serves, the service crews are friendly and everyone was having a great time. Food…Fun & Fellowship… Thanks Marco Polo Lotus Court for the sumptous feast.


Lotus Court

3/F Marco Polo Davao, CM Recto Street, Davao City. +6382.221.0888