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Vikings SM Lanang Luxury Buffet

Davao has been a growing market in terms of retail and restaurant industry. Many are confident to invest here, with the 3 new malls that had opened, many are opening a restaurant branch here in the Durian city. With the cleanliness, less traffic and peaceful environment we have here in Davao, another player on the buffet restaurant industry has newly opened a branch outside Metro Manila. A sign that Davao city is indeed a good place to invest not just on restaurant but also on the retail industry. Davao’s lifestyle has upgraded from just dining at a simple BBQ places around the city,  to dining at different restaurants that before were only found in Metro Manila. With the growing market of people coming in and out of the city, its good to know that a lot of good brands and restaurants had build confidence in opening here in Davao.


Vikings, the largest buffet restaurant in the country has opened at the SM Lanang Premiere, with a seating capacity of 500 guests. Vikings Lanang is their first branch outside Metro Manila, as they want to bring luxury buffet to Davao at an reasonable rate and with more choices of food. The Davao lifestyle had somehow grown, as Davaoeno’s are learning to spend their money on good food & on good lifestyle brands. The first of a kind in Davao dining, Vikings features full live kitchen in all the 7 stations they have. Each branch of Vikings has its own interior, therefore its exciting to take time and visit Viking’s other branches across Metro Manila. Vikings Davao has a modern Filipino theme.  They want to bring to Davao


After months of waiting as to when Vikings will open, finally it had its soft opening a few weeks back. We were all wondering as to why people are patiently lining up and willing to wait just to try Vikings. Then finally our turn came, we were all excited to dine. As our family is a foodie bunch, we were told to be there by 5:30pm, to avoid our reservation cancellation. There were various food stations that were found inside, they are the Filipino, American, Japanese, Chinese, Korean & Mediterranean food. They also have the Carving stations, Anti-pasti, pasta station and other food from different parts of the world.

When your inside, its not just your tummy that is feasting, as your eyes are also feasting as everything is displayed right before you. Its indeed a feast fit for a king, a freedom for diners to choose as to what they like and eat like a viking!

Let me take you to a Gastronomic tour:


this are just a few of the food you will find at the Chinese Station

From Top left: Dimsum, pickled veggies, Appetizers & assorted seafood balls

Must Try: Steamed Shrimp suahe, Dimsum & crabs


The Carving & Pasta Station which has steaks, Assorted meats, Pasta & American snacks etc.


Must try: Steaks & the Churrasco station.


Hotpot Station: just had tried their seafood hotpot.


Grilling Station: Here are the choices of seafood to be grilled.

Must try: Grilled Salmon and Grilled Squid



Anti-Past/ Salad Station

Must Try: Assorted cheeses paired w/ a glass of wine, Quesadilla & Kinilaw


 Korean Station: here are some of the Kimbap  (Korean Sushi’s) plus korean dishes


 Japanese Station: Assorted Tempura’s, Assorted sushi, Tuna & Salmon Sashimi’s and many more

Must Try: Salmon sashimi (my fave) Tuna Sashimi & beef teppanyaki




Feels like I am in Dessert heaven…


Crepe Station: Make ur own crepe…


here is my crepe.. my own version of Mango Overload 🙂


All-time Filipino Favorites: Palitaw, Cassava,Sapin2x, Maja, Kutsinta, Ube, Biko


Drink Station: Different flavors of Juices, Lemonade, Sago’t Gulaman & Milo Slush

Must try: Stawberry Lemonde

Price: for now they are on their introductory price.

Place: the restaurant is at the SM Lanang Premiere Mall, its very accessible.

Verdict: The place has a homey ambiance, the chef’s and waiters were friendly, service was really good. The food was great, though there were too many choices. I would love to go back and try more! 😀

I didn’t just only enjoyed the food feast, I also had fun watching the group of waiters who sang and dance as they greet diners who had celebrated their birthdays at Vikings.


If your looking for a wide variety of delicious food plus a great value for your money, Vikings is the place to be.

Here are the rates for Vikings Buffet


Vikings knows that Filipinos love eating, we celebrate almost everything just to find a reason to have a feast. Vikings is having a promo for Birthday celebrants who wants to celebrate their birthday at Vikings.

  • The Birthday celebrant can eat  for free as long as accompanied by one full paying adult & an ID for proof of birthdate.
  • Groups with a minimum of 10 guests will entitle to more guest of the said group to eat for free
  • Senior Citizens privelege is  20% discount for age 60-74 yrs old
  • 75 years old and above is entitled for 50% off


Vikings Luxury Buffet

1st Level, Fountain Court area, SM Lanang Premiere

Lanang, Davao City

Facebook Page:






[DFAT2013] Aling Fopings Halo-halo

Our last stop for the day was the famous Halo2x of Aling Fopings.  When I first came to know Aling Fopings way back, I was happy that I get to choose as to what I want to be mixed on my cup of Halo2x. You get to choose 6 from this list to be put in a cup, plus you get the option if you want to have ice cream or not. It was fun mix & matching the what you want in a cup.


My Favorite cup of halo2x would have this 6 ingredients: Jackfruit, Leche Flan, Saba, Ube, Pinipig & Macapuno. But I prefer not to add a scoop of ice cream.


We also got to taste whats new on their menu.  Which are the Bibingka and their Famous Chili con Carne.


2013-06-16 20.49.19

Chili con Carne- a must try when u visit them.. best paired with this dinner roll breads.

Capping the night off with a cup of this cold delight really had taken out the stress away.

Visit them at MTS (Matina Town Square) compound, Matina, Davao City



[Beauty] Browhaus now in Davao

Eyebrow grooming has been part of my beauty pampering, at times I find it painful not because of the expenses I spend in threading, but with the pain I get to experience everytime I get my eyebrows threaded/pluck at the salon. Tried different salons, which offers threading services ranging from P100-350. Since its not that expensive if you do threading occassionally, I dreaded the days when I have to deal with threading pains just to get my eyebrows in shape for occassions I need to attend.

Just this month, Browhaus had just opened its doors to the Davaoenos. Its located at the 3rd Level of Abreeza Corporate center, Bajada, Davao City. I booked my appointment on a wednesday late afternoon after work. The concept of their store reminded me of a shooting range, complete with rifle guns, tarp targets and dart boards, feels like I am really inside an army themed shooting range.

Browhaus is an international brand that is based in Singapore, they had opened their first 2 branches in Manila, 1 in Greenbelt 5 and the 2nd is at Serendra, the Davao Abreeza branch is their 1st out of town branch. Recently they had just opened another at Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo Manila. Here are their other International Branches.


I was welcomed by the receptionist and had a quick chat with Ms Monique the head of Browhaus as to how it started, and some other questions I got to ask her. I was afraid of having my brows threaded since I have a low pain tolerance. I easily feel pain especially in pulling any facial hairs. I have to make Ms. Monique assured me that it would not be the traumatic pain I get with threading in other salons.She explained that they are using high quality threads that are especially made for brow threading. She assured me that it would be painless, since their therapist where trained for 6 months before the store was opened.  I was curious as to why it was quite expensive for us Davaoeneo’s to spend much in brow grooming, but rest assured, they use good quality materials to groom our brows.

As I sat at the chair, I requested to reshape my brows and at the same time have it darkened since my brow looks light. At first, I was afraid as the threading started, but in a few seconds I got adjusted to it, as promised, it really was not painful. I got up happy and very satisfied with the service they gave me. I got the Browgraphy service which includes: eyebrow shaping and color tweak to achieve a shaped eyebrow plus the right shade since I wanted a darker eyebrow look. Here is the result:


Aside from Eyebrow threading, Browhaus has other threading services that are available. Here are their other services. Check them out today & enjoy painless eyebrow grooming.


Inspired by Bauhaus, the German art movement, Browhaus is your one-stop brow and lash grooming salon, built for the image-conscious urbanite who demands not just function, but function and style. Expect the highest technical proficiency but with a stunning and fashionable end result. Browhaus is here for your facial hair grooming needs – the hair on your face never had a better close-up!



  1. First and only concept store to specialize in Brow and Lash Grooming Services

  2. Featured in international press like Wallpaper* as a Secret Elite and the LUXE Guide as the ultimate go-to stop for international travelers to get their brows groomed

  3. We have the highest commitment to quality, using only the best products and equipment coupled with constant research and development into the best techniques

  4. Signature treatments Brow Resurrection and Lash in Bloom keep us at the forefront of grooming technology, while proprietary products such as our Brow Resurrection Aftercare Kit and Pick ‘N’ Mix Brow Toolkit cater to your grooming needs at home

  5. Customer service is our first priority with dedicated departments for quality control and customer care

  6. Dedicated to training and upgrading the skills of our therapists, we have established our very own Browhaus School, facilitated byin-house as well as international experts


  • Always at the forefront of creativity, we continuously conceptualise stores and campaigns that become the talk of the design industry


  • With stores in Singapore, London, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Manila, Jakarta, and more in the works, Browhaus’s grooming style is out to take the world by storm!



Browhaus Davao

3rd Flr. Abreeza Corporate Center

JP Laurel St.

Davao City

Tel: 082 3270038