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Manang’s Chicken: Pinoy style Fried Chicken

A new player on the fastfood restaurant industry that serves chicken similar to the korean fried chicken w/ a twist opened its first branch outside Luzon. While everyone is enjoying the korean style chicken, a Filipino entrepreneur is thinking of doing it in filipino style. It was interesting to know that, we can also do this simple fried chicken a Filipino twist.  Just a quick history how it came about. Manangs chicken was first opened to the public last December 2010 on a weekend food market called Mercato Centrale, it has slowly gained its popularity due to its unique Pinoy chicken flavor & crunch.


As the demand for this unique fried chicken grows, by June 2011, the Gerodias family, who is the owner of Manang’s chicken decided to open its first branch at Ortigas Center Pasig. And as they said the rest is history. Bloggers & media people were invited to an afternoon of food tasting and to meet the company president & CEO Jill Gerodias-Borja.


After a quick history, we were served with their famous Manang’s Chicken. I ordered their extra spicy chicken since I love trying out different spicy food. When my order came, I was excited to take a bite of the chicken since the skin is really crispy outside and flavorful,,the sauce was not that spicy for my level of spicyness, but the sauce really matches the chicken well.  The flavors available are Soy Garlic, Mild Spicy & Extra Spicy.  They are also offering unlimited rice meals, available all-day everyday!

manangs poster bg(10-17)

Aside from rice meals, they also had let us tried their other dishes and side dishes. I was really happy to know that they also have this chips & dips, an all-natural freshly-fried potatoes, with different dips available which are the spicy ketchup, garlic mayo and creamy cheese dips. On my must try dip was the spicy ketchup. Its way cheaper than the usual freshly baked chips and it comes in two sizes.

Chips and Dip

After the delicious dishes we had, we capped it off with desserts!  I was excited to try their Durian Sundae since being a Dabawenya and a fan of Durian, I would say the Durian Sundae (Vanilla cake w/ durian cream+ vanilla ice cream & candy sprinkles) was really good! Its also on my Must Try list. They also have the Red Velvet Sundae (Red Velvet Cake+ Vanilla ice cream & candy sprinkles) and their Chocolate sundae.


Aside from the rice meals, they also offer other food products. It was one fun night as I was enjoying my night with food, friends and fun.  🙂



Manang’s Chicken is located at the 4th Floor of Gaisano Mall of Davao, near the exit to the Peak, same floor with Gaisano Mall Cinema.


Manang’s Chicken

4th Floor, Gaisano Mall of Davao

U can follow them via:

Twitter: @manangschicken