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[Food] Saging Repablik

Have you been to the latest hang-out place in Davao? At first glance, we may see it as just  a coffee and dessert place. But on second look as you enter the place, you may find the place not too posh but of unique interiors as they use different are into industrial type of interior. As we got invited to Saging Repablik Bloggers night, we got the chance to explore more about what does this place has to offer?  They don’t just offer banana cue or Coffee and desserts. They also offer a wide selections of rice meals and drinks.

Among the dishes offered, here are a few of my personal faves:


Beef Tenderloin Salpicao


Orange Chicken w/ Walnuts – Chicken fillet w/ Walnuts


Sisag- Sisig w/ minced Saging


Spareribs w/ Banana Barbeque Sauce– Pork adobo w/ a twist of banana bbq sauce..something sweet!

As for Appetizers & Desserts everything was good! 😀


Turondue– Turon Fondue, a unique dessert to look forward to when you visit


Banana Cream Pie- this one is like banana cream pie w/out the crust plus little banana cue on top!


Linginging – Lingin (circle) Ging (saging)


Frosted double Gatcholatto– this drink is good for sharing


Pomelo juice– this pomelo juice is refreshing! they also offer Calamansi juice

This place is somewhat unique as they offer almost everything banana, from chips, food & drinks.


they also are selling Saging Repablik Merchandise


 Davao bloggers @ Saging Repablik bloggers Night

A must visit place as they offer unique dishes, and a cozy place to hang-out w/ family and friends.

Saging Repablik

Tionko Avenue, Davao City

Instagram: SagingRepablik