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[Event] K1 Family KTV & Spa

K1 has been the first few places which has opened a few years back. I could remember that its our go to place whenever my friends felt like singing their hearts out. Its also our hang-out place whenever we want to just chill, play games, kinect and order a few snacks. Last month, the Davao bloggers were invited by the owner to a quick tour of what they are offering.  Here are the KTV rooms:


KTV room good for up to 25 persons

004  KTV room good for 12 pax      

003Good for 8 pax

K1 is not just a KTV place, they also have a restuarant which serves different dishes. Aside from the KTV rooms, they also have Lounges that you can rent for special occassions.


After the quick tour, we had a sumptuous dinner with the owners, here are my favorites from what were served to us/ 2015-09-04_12-52-27 Beef Salpicao–  The beef is tender and tasty. A must try! 2015-09-04_12-54-01 Chicken Fillet Steak– If u love eating sizzling chicken, you will love their version of chicken steak.2015-09-04_12-55-20 Seafood in Oyster Sauce  – I like the combination of seafood and oyster sauce.  2015-09-04_12-56-32 Four Seasons Pizza – A mix of Pepperoni, Mushroom Hawaiian,&Seafood Marinara Pizza.

After dinner, we had time to bond over dessert… KTV and kinect.
11760318_10155876861185188_1961297397639299820_nAfter all the fun, we have come to the relaxing part, we tried their spa services. Here are the rooms at the SPA area: 017 009 007


2015-09-04_12-57-33 Thanks K1 Family KTV and Spa  for a fun and relaxing night! 🙂 ——————————————————————————————- FB:  K1FamilyKtvCafeSpa Instagram: @k1davao