[Food] Cafe Rihanna

If  you are looking for authentic Middle-Eastern dishes (Saudi Arabian food) in particular. Try Cafe Rihanna,  its just opened last Feb 29,  a new addition to a number of Mediterranean inspired restaurants in the city.


Most of their ingredients & spices are imported from Saudi Arabia.


Here are some of the food served during the food tasting and at the opening:


Chicken Biryani (Saudi Style)-Basmati Long Grain Saudi Rice & Raita Yogurt


Chicken Kabsa (Saudi Style) -Basmati Long Grain Rice


Laban- Plain Yogurt

Chicken Shawarma-  their chicken shawarma is flavorful.


Beef Samosa -the spiced beef is flavorful –MUST TRY!


Beef Turn-over- meat in between the crust. –MUST TRY!


Pita bread w/ Khubz- Plain bread w/ tomato based sauce


You can follow them @ Cafe Rihanna

Store hours 10am-10pm

Address: Don Dionisio Complex, Cabaguio Avenue, Davao City (Same area w/ Playbook Resto) at the back of CCA




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