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[Food] Vikings World Street Food

I love to explore the world not just viewing it through pictures, watching it through the television, but tasting the different food it offers.  As I go out and explore the world through travelling,  aside from seeing their famous sights, knowing a bit of their culture, shopping for some goodies, my first priority as always is to taste its food, especially its street food. But since I don’t get to frequently travel the world, I guess tasting its food through dining in restaurants which offers different dishes and through this World street food would suffice for now.

This August, Vikings SM Lanang Premiere brings you World Street Food. Here are the Menu:

Tacos Al Pastor (Mexico)- Is a dish developed in Central Mexico, an adaptation of the shawarma spit-grilled meat brought by Lebanese immigrants to Mexico. Similar to Turkish Kebab & Greek gyros, but this one is made from thin strips of pork marinated in spices, chilies and stacked onto a long spit called a trompo. This is very flavorful, one of my favorite dish during the food tasting. –MUST TRY!  IMG_20150723_181158 Rou Jia Mo (China)-  means meat burger, is a street food originating from Shaanxi Province and now widely consumed all over China. The meat is most commonly pork, stewed for hours in a soup containing over 20 spices and seasonings. This is somewhat similar to “Cua Pao” or ” Hong Ma Pao”.       IMG_20150723_181441 Espetinho (Brazil)-  A  Portugese word which means “little skewer” and is the word that Brazilian use to describe what is known in English as Kebab. For the food tasting, we had Seafood kebab, which had fish, shrimps, mushrooms and the sauce under the kebab that was sweet n tangy.      IMG_20150723_181516 Pork Satay (Indonesia)- Satay is a dish seasoned , skewered and grilled meat, served with sauce. It may consist of diced or sliced of different meats, the more authentic version uses skewers from the midrib of the coconut palm frond. These are grilled or barbecued over a wood or charcoal fire, then served with variety of spicy seasonings. Satay originated in Java, Indonesia. Its the national dish of Indonesia. This  grilled pork satay is dipped in peanut curry sauce, I like the taste of the mixture of the peanut curry dip. –MUST TRY!    IMG_20150723_182029

Suppli (Italy)-  An Italian snacks consisting of rice ball, generally risotto, w/ tomato sauce, and raw egg. This rice balls contains rice, mozzarella cheese, tomato, a bit of meat, something new to my tastebuds.


Jerk Chicken (Jamaica)-  Jerk is a style of cooking native  to Jamaica in which meat is dry-rubbed or wet marinated with a very hot spice mixture called Jamaican jerk spice.  The chicken was flavorful and a bit spicy, the rice was also flavorful, a bit strong taste.. both are my favorite during the food tasting- MUST TRY!

IMG_20150723_183240Durum (Turkey)- A wrap that is usually filled with typical doner kebab ingridients. The wrap is made from lavash or yufka flatbread. This one is somewhat similar to shawarma.       IMG_20150723_185635

Crepe (France)- is a type of very think pancake made from wheat flour or buckwheat flour.  You can put fresh fruits, jams, meats or other sauces for savory crepes. As for this, we were served crepe with banana & nutella topped with ice cream to cap off our World Street Food tour.

Now, we can explore the world through the food of this various countries.

Vikings World Street Food available on Dinner every Weekdays, Lunch/ Dinner on Weekends, for the whole month of August. 


Ground Floor, The Fountain Court, 
SM Lanang Premiere,
 J.P. Laurel Ave, Davao City
Phone: (082) 285 3888

Vikings SM Lanang Luxury Buffet

Davao has been a growing market in terms of retail and restaurant industry. Many are confident to invest here, with the 3 new malls that had opened, many are opening a restaurant branch here in the Durian city. With the cleanliness, less traffic and peaceful environment we have here in Davao, another player on the buffet restaurant industry has newly opened a branch outside Metro Manila. A sign that Davao city is indeed a good place to invest not just on restaurant but also on the retail industry. Davao’s lifestyle has upgraded from just dining at a simple BBQ places around the city,  to dining at different restaurants that before were only found in Metro Manila. With the growing market of people coming in and out of the city, its good to know that a lot of good brands and restaurants had build confidence in opening here in Davao.


Vikings, the largest buffet restaurant in the country has opened at the SM Lanang Premiere, with a seating capacity of 500 guests. Vikings Lanang is their first branch outside Metro Manila, as they want to bring luxury buffet to Davao at an reasonable rate and with more choices of food. The Davao lifestyle had somehow grown, as Davaoeno’s are learning to spend their money on good food & on good lifestyle brands. The first of a kind in Davao dining, Vikings features full live kitchen in all the 7 stations they have. Each branch of Vikings has its own interior, therefore its exciting to take time and visit Viking’s other branches across Metro Manila. Vikings Davao has a modern Filipino theme.  They want to bring to Davao


After months of waiting as to when Vikings will open, finally it had its soft opening a few weeks back. We were all wondering as to why people are patiently lining up and willing to wait just to try Vikings. Then finally our turn came, we were all excited to dine. As our family is a foodie bunch, we were told to be there by 5:30pm, to avoid our reservation cancellation. There were various food stations that were found inside, they are the Filipino, American, Japanese, Chinese, Korean & Mediterranean food. They also have the Carving stations, Anti-pasti, pasta station and other food from different parts of the world.

When your inside, its not just your tummy that is feasting, as your eyes are also feasting as everything is displayed right before you. Its indeed a feast fit for a king, a freedom for diners to choose as to what they like and eat like a viking!

Let me take you to a Gastronomic tour:


this are just a few of the food you will find at the Chinese Station

From Top left: Dimsum, pickled veggies, Appetizers & assorted seafood balls

Must Try: Steamed Shrimp suahe, Dimsum & crabs


The Carving & Pasta Station which has steaks, Assorted meats, Pasta & American snacks etc.


Must try: Steaks & the Churrasco station.


Hotpot Station: just had tried their seafood hotpot.


Grilling Station: Here are the choices of seafood to be grilled.

Must try: Grilled Salmon and Grilled Squid



Anti-Past/ Salad Station

Must Try: Assorted cheeses paired w/ a glass of wine, Quesadilla & Kinilaw


 Korean Station: here are some of the Kimbap  (Korean Sushi’s) plus korean dishes


 Japanese Station: Assorted Tempura’s, Assorted sushi, Tuna & Salmon Sashimi’s and many more

Must Try: Salmon sashimi (my fave) Tuna Sashimi & beef teppanyaki




Feels like I am in Dessert heaven…


Crepe Station: Make ur own crepe…


here is my crepe.. my own version of Mango Overload 🙂


All-time Filipino Favorites: Palitaw, Cassava,Sapin2x, Maja, Kutsinta, Ube, Biko


Drink Station: Different flavors of Juices, Lemonade, Sago’t Gulaman & Milo Slush

Must try: Stawberry Lemonde

Price: for now they are on their introductory price.

Place: the restaurant is at the SM Lanang Premiere Mall, its very accessible.

Verdict: The place has a homey ambiance, the chef’s and waiters were friendly, service was really good. The food was great, though there were too many choices. I would love to go back and try more! 😀

I didn’t just only enjoyed the food feast, I also had fun watching the group of waiters who sang and dance as they greet diners who had celebrated their birthdays at Vikings.


If your looking for a wide variety of delicious food plus a great value for your money, Vikings is the place to be.

Here are the rates for Vikings Buffet


Vikings knows that Filipinos love eating, we celebrate almost everything just to find a reason to have a feast. Vikings is having a promo for Birthday celebrants who wants to celebrate their birthday at Vikings.

  • The Birthday celebrant can eat  for free as long as accompanied by one full paying adult & an ID for proof of birthdate.
  • Groups with a minimum of 10 guests will entitle to more guest of the said group to eat for free
  • Senior Citizens privelege is  20% discount for age 60-74 yrs old
  • 75 years old and above is entitled for 50% off


Vikings Luxury Buffet

1st Level, Fountain Court area, SM Lanang Premiere

Lanang, Davao City

Facebook Page: