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Giardino Gelato Bloggers Night

Last December 18, Giardino Gelato invited us bloggers for a night of fun & Gelato tasting at their Commissary at the basement Abreeza mall.  We get to experience first hand on how to make Straciatella (vanilla w/ chocolate chips) & Mango sorbet. I was running a bit late from work, that when I  came to the event, I was surprised to see that they were all attentive in listening on how to make gelatos from simple ingredients.They were mixing the ingredients for the Straciatella and was about to put the mixture on this machine to be processed for around 10 minutes, and this is the result for the Straciatella gelato. It was a fun seeing the owner herself sharing us the recipes of the 2 flavors.


After mixing the ingredients for the Mango Sorbet, we were asked to wait for 10-15 minutes as the mixture will be processed using the Carpigiani gelato machine. The Carpigiani is a brand of ice cream machine that is used by the company in producing the Gelato.


Here is the finish product of the Mango Sorbet:


After the 2 gelatos that was shared to us, we also get to taste the other unreleased flavors they had prepared for us.

2013-12-18 17.33.49

We had Durian, Chocnut, Reese’s Nutrageous, Sesame,Rhum Raisin and Appletini.


Durian– the king of fruits, the taste was good, not too strong yet the durian flavor & smell remains there. Its one of my favorite among the 7 flavors that where given to us. Its a MUST TRY!


Chocnut– Flavored with the filipino favorite choco & nuts. I’m not a fan of it, but its still good for chocnut lovers.


Sesame (MUST TRY!) – is an original Japanese favorite gelato. I was curious and decided to try this. I love the flavor and aroma of sesame, didn’t know that sesame seeds or anything from the sesame seeds can be made into gelato.Uusally, Japanese restos would usually offer green tea ice cream and not this Sesame Gelato. Its something unique for me.


Reese’s Nutrageous- Reese’s  to the maximum level since its mixed with whole nuts, caramel, chocolate and Reese’s peanut butter. Its definitely a chocoholic’s dream gelato! My 3rd fave flavor!

Rhum Raisin – Italian’s call this Malaga. Gelato that has rhum.The flavor of rhum is just a bit strong, but worry not since they only use less than a percent of rhum. This is ideal for the people who wants something unique.


Appletini- Apple sobret with a touch of vodka, ideal for people who are into cokctail drinks.

I would recommend my three personal favorites which are the Sesame, Durian and Reese’s Nutrageous. I would like to thank Giardino Gelato for the wonderful night of gelato tasting with bloggers. Excited to taste my fave gelatos again soon! 😀



Giardino Gelato

2nd Level Abreeza Mall..

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My 2012 in Review

As the year draws to an end, would like to thank the people who has inspired me to be better, for the people who have helped me learn a lesson or two, for the people who are supportive of me in fulfilling my dreams, for the laughters shared and sorrows, the lessons it has brought me for me to become a better person. The memories shared. 2012 won’t be complete without you guys! thank you Lord for 2012! looking forward to a brand new 2013! 🙂

Looking back, I would say that 2012 has been good to me. Friends from different places had visited Davao. Got a chance to travel to different places this year, met new friends, rekindle with old friends. Got an award for the first time, got to conquer my fear of heights again. Just realized that this year, attended lots of wedding,. Hopefully, I will be next in line this 2014 (wishful thinking). My 2012 won’t be complete without the support of my loving family, friends and the people who are there to support me,. Thanks 2012! 🙂 it has been a good year inspite of  the smiles & sorrows I have been through, it has taught me a lot of lessons for me to mature this year! a lot of learning this year.. hopefully 2013 will be another good year for me!  Thank you Lord! 🙂


[Events] A Royal Christmas 2012 @ SM Lanang Premiere

SM Lanang celebrates Christmas the Royal way, media & bloggers alike where invited to experience this wonderful unveiling of  the 40 feet christmas tree last saturday November 10,2012.


The  Manila String Machine and the Davao City National High School choir serenaded the guest with christmas songs.


The Christmas tree lighting Ceremony was unveiled by Ms Margie Moran-Florendo together with the ballerinas.

076Christmas isn’t complete without Santa’s visit…


Christmas won’t be complete without gift giving to the kids.. 🙂

Gingerbreads and Hot Choco’ where served to guest who had attended..


102-1Got a big hug from Santa… Ho! Ho! Ho!

its truly a Royal Christmas at SM Lanang Premiere!

THERMOS & Chef Nino Laus special Christmas Recipes.

Thermos has invited us to share the special Christmas Recipes by Chef Nino Laus. Knowing Thermos that its a popular brand for electric hot pots, I just thought that maybe they will launch something just similar to it. But this time  it  launched its latest product which are their cookwares which has the 5 layers and Thermax that keeps the food fresh and hot, or keeps cold desserts for longer hours. Its really good to invest on good quality cookwares like this. Thermos has a wide variety of products depending on your needs.
Photobucket Photobucket

Here are some of the products:

1. Thermos Office- travel tumblers and thermos lunch kits for people on the go but still want to keep their food/drinks longer.

2. Thermos Kids- for kids to keep their baon free from spoiling due to dangerous bacterias

3. Thermos Sports- for athletes and sports enthusiast, to keep their drinks hot/cold for up to 3-hrs.

Thermos invited the popular chef Nino Laus, which owns several restos around Metro Manila to share some Christmas Recipes. Chef Nino will also be opening a few restos around Davao on the coming months.Some of the recipes are tiring to prepare but most of the recipes are quite simple to prepare.  I once had dreamed of becoming a chef, but seeing him prepare the food, I felt like its really tiring to do it everyday, but surely with your love for food, God given talent, lots of patience, surely being a chef won’t be that hard.


The dishes which were prepred are: Castanas Veloute w/ duck leg Confit,  Seafood Paella & Wasabi Cream Pasta w/ Smoke Salmon. We were given samples of the food the chef had prepared. Chef Nino taught us the process of smoking the Salmon and we had tasted the Salmon sashimi style.  Luckily the Davao Bloggers where given the chance to taste the Wasabi Cream Pasta w/ Smoke Salmon. Out of the recipes the chef had share. I like the Wasabi cream pasta w/ salmon the most. Must learn how to smoke the salmon soon… 🙂