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[Food] Curry Express

Curry Express is a quaint Indian Restaurant, not the usual fancy Indian resto you get to see on movies.  With the population of Indians coming to Davao to get a good Medical education, its really a good idea to have an Indian restaurant that could cater to these students.  I have always wanted to try different types of food and at the same time I like spicy food. Here are what we had during the food tasting:


Shrimp Biryani – its a mixed rice dish made w/ spices, rice & veggies. An o


Chicken Curry–  Must Try!  Their chicken curry is really good,  its flavorful, best paired w/ Chapati.  IMG_20150704_193455

Prawn Masala– is an Indian spice mix, for this prawn masala its abit spicy and yet flavorful.

IMG_20150704_195333 Vegetable Fried Rice- this vegetable fried rice is not just your ordinary fried rice, its packed with flavors from Indian Spices.. MUST TRY!  IMG_20150704_195036

Chicken 65-  is a spicy, deep -fried chicken dish originating from Chennai, India. the chicken is cooked with lots of chilis! Spicy food lovers would love this!- MUST TRY!


Potato Masala– another version of the Masala dish, this time using potatoes.


Chili Chicken-  If your “in” for a little sweet spicy level, go for this chili chicken.


Aloo bonda- Fried Potato Balls that’s crispy outside and quite similar to mashed potatoes inside but with a twist of Indian flavors. MUST TRY!


Chapati– Best paired with Chicken Curry


Dosa w/ Peanut Chutney– Dosa is a fermented crepe made from rice batter and black lentils. There are different chutneys that can be paired with this crepe dessert.

Curry Express is owned and managed by Michelle Golajer, she personally cooks most of the dishes. Dishes are very affordable, they not only serve Curry, Masala, & Dosa’s. They also serve Vegetarian dishes, Flat breads, Yogurt etc. They also accept catering for special occassions.

Our Indian food tasting was a taste adventure for me since most of us, like me, would prefer to eat the usual Filipino, Chinese,Italian or comfort foods we love to have, but trying something new at times is fun. Thanks for having us! 🙂

Have you been to Curry Express? What’s your fave dish? 🙂 Drop us a line..


Curry Express Indian Restaurant
Block 10 Lot 19, Dona Vicenta Village, Circumferential Road, Davao City
(beside Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle Shop)
Phone (082) 324-6946
Open daily from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM

[Food] Vikings 4th of July Menu

As we all know, 4th of July is a well-celebrated holiday, as it is the Independence Day in America. Vikings has prepared some featured dishes in celebration of the  U.S. Independence Day. I was privileged to be invited to the food tasting yesterday on their SM Lanang Premiere Davao.

These dishes are available on SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS Only!

As the featured food was served, we were happy to feast on some interesting new dsihes that were created by Chef Anton & his crew, here are the featured dishes:

First off, we started with soup


Pier 39 Clam Chowder

this hearty bowl of clam chowder is really good, with fresh clams and with mozzarella cheese is a MUST TRY!  for me.. my new Favorite!


 Barbeque Chicken Salad is real good, ideal for people who wants to stay fit but still want to have something good to eat! MUST TRY!


Buffalo Wings w/ Bleu cheese dip


Shrimp Popcorn w/ Ranch dip


 Southwestern Fried Chicken w/ Pan Gravy the chicken should be dip on the Pan Gravy to make it taste good. I would say its not tasty. but worth a try!


New Orleans Seafood Gumbo- I love this combination of fresh seafood in Gumbo Sauce  MUST TRY!


 Root Beer Cajun Steak -on my first bite I find this something unique, its like u get to eat root beer marinated steak which is a bit sweet with a kick of cajun spice. One of my fave during the food tasting MUST TRY!


Mac & Cheese


Louisiana Crab Creole


Texas Baby Back Ribs & Hickory Chicken BBQ


Cheese Stick



New York Cheesecake – among the dishes that was served, this was the one who stole my heart! I love the creamy goodness of this melt in your mouth cheesecake MUST TRY!


Apple Pie

Peach Cobbler – this one is also a MUST TRY!





Is your birthday coming up? Get ready to feast for FREE for ONE WHOLE MONTH! Here are the following mechanics:

1) Birthday celebrant of all ages can avail the birthday promo on the day itself and on their birthday month.

2) Celebrants can eat for free ON THE DAY of their birthday on both lunch and dinner, as long as accompanied by ONE FULL PAYING ADULT.

3) Celebrants can eat for free for ONE MONTH on both lunch and dinner per day, as long as it is within the month of his/her birthday and accompanied by FOUR FULL PAYING ADULT.

4) One full paying adult are adult guests who will be paying full rate without any discounts.

5) Requirements for Celebrants: Celebrant must bring an ORIGINAL and VALID government issued picture I.D. with the birthdate imprinted on it, both local and foreign I.D.s are accepted, for proof (such as S.S.S., N.B.I., Driver’s License, Pag-Ibig, P.R.C., Barangay, Unified, Police Clearance I.D. and Passport) In the case that the celebrant doesn’t have a government issued picture I.D., he/she may bring his/her birth certificate supported by any picture I.D. (school I.D., parent’s I.D., company I.D.).

6) This promo can’t be used in conjunction with our current promotions or discounts.

7) Gift certificates to avail this promo is not honored.

8) This promo is available across all branches.

9) This promo is available until December 31, 2014.

For reservations and inquiries, kindly call our hotlines (located on the bottom of our website and the left tab on Facebook) or PM us on Facebook. For more information on other promotions and our current rates, please visit

*Price and promotions are subject to change without prior notice.

— with Avain Drilon and Lean Nazario.


Rates for SM Lanang
Adults P588 P788
Kids 4ft – 4ft 6’ P388 P588
Kids 3ft – 4ft P188 P288
Kids Below 3ft FREE
75 years old and above 50% discountWeekends & Holidays LUNCH &DINNER
Adults P788
Kids 4ft – 4ft 6′ P588
Kids 3ft – 4ft P288
Kids Below 3ft FREE
75 years old and above 50% discount*All prices are subject to 5% service charge.**All prices and promotions are subject to change without prior notice


Vikings Luxury Buffet @ SM Lanang Premiere 1st floor Fountain Area

For more Info LIKE Vikings SM Lanang Fan Page

Vikings SM Lanang Luxury Buffet

Davao has been a growing market in terms of retail and restaurant industry. Many are confident to invest here, with the 3 new malls that had opened, many are opening a restaurant branch here in the Durian city. With the cleanliness, less traffic and peaceful environment we have here in Davao, another player on the buffet restaurant industry has newly opened a branch outside Metro Manila. A sign that Davao city is indeed a good place to invest not just on restaurant but also on the retail industry. Davao’s lifestyle has upgraded from just dining at a simple BBQ places around the city,  to dining at different restaurants that before were only found in Metro Manila. With the growing market of people coming in and out of the city, its good to know that a lot of good brands and restaurants had build confidence in opening here in Davao.


Vikings, the largest buffet restaurant in the country has opened at the SM Lanang Premiere, with a seating capacity of 500 guests. Vikings Lanang is their first branch outside Metro Manila, as they want to bring luxury buffet to Davao at an reasonable rate and with more choices of food. The Davao lifestyle had somehow grown, as Davaoeno’s are learning to spend their money on good food & on good lifestyle brands. The first of a kind in Davao dining, Vikings features full live kitchen in all the 7 stations they have. Each branch of Vikings has its own interior, therefore its exciting to take time and visit Viking’s other branches across Metro Manila. Vikings Davao has a modern Filipino theme.  They want to bring to Davao


After months of waiting as to when Vikings will open, finally it had its soft opening a few weeks back. We were all wondering as to why people are patiently lining up and willing to wait just to try Vikings. Then finally our turn came, we were all excited to dine. As our family is a foodie bunch, we were told to be there by 5:30pm, to avoid our reservation cancellation. There were various food stations that were found inside, they are the Filipino, American, Japanese, Chinese, Korean & Mediterranean food. They also have the Carving stations, Anti-pasti, pasta station and other food from different parts of the world.

When your inside, its not just your tummy that is feasting, as your eyes are also feasting as everything is displayed right before you. Its indeed a feast fit for a king, a freedom for diners to choose as to what they like and eat like a viking!

Let me take you to a Gastronomic tour:


this are just a few of the food you will find at the Chinese Station

From Top left: Dimsum, pickled veggies, Appetizers & assorted seafood balls

Must Try: Steamed Shrimp suahe, Dimsum & crabs


The Carving & Pasta Station which has steaks, Assorted meats, Pasta & American snacks etc.


Must try: Steaks & the Churrasco station.


Hotpot Station: just had tried their seafood hotpot.


Grilling Station: Here are the choices of seafood to be grilled.

Must try: Grilled Salmon and Grilled Squid



Anti-Past/ Salad Station

Must Try: Assorted cheeses paired w/ a glass of wine, Quesadilla & Kinilaw


 Korean Station: here are some of the Kimbap  (Korean Sushi’s) plus korean dishes


 Japanese Station: Assorted Tempura’s, Assorted sushi, Tuna & Salmon Sashimi’s and many more

Must Try: Salmon sashimi (my fave) Tuna Sashimi & beef teppanyaki




Feels like I am in Dessert heaven…


Crepe Station: Make ur own crepe…


here is my crepe.. my own version of Mango Overload 🙂


All-time Filipino Favorites: Palitaw, Cassava,Sapin2x, Maja, Kutsinta, Ube, Biko


Drink Station: Different flavors of Juices, Lemonade, Sago’t Gulaman & Milo Slush

Must try: Stawberry Lemonde

Price: for now they are on their introductory price.

Place: the restaurant is at the SM Lanang Premiere Mall, its very accessible.

Verdict: The place has a homey ambiance, the chef’s and waiters were friendly, service was really good. The food was great, though there were too many choices. I would love to go back and try more! 😀

I didn’t just only enjoyed the food feast, I also had fun watching the group of waiters who sang and dance as they greet diners who had celebrated their birthdays at Vikings.


If your looking for a wide variety of delicious food plus a great value for your money, Vikings is the place to be.

Here are the rates for Vikings Buffet


Vikings knows that Filipinos love eating, we celebrate almost everything just to find a reason to have a feast. Vikings is having a promo for Birthday celebrants who wants to celebrate their birthday at Vikings.

  • The Birthday celebrant can eat  for free as long as accompanied by one full paying adult & an ID for proof of birthdate.
  • Groups with a minimum of 10 guests will entitle to more guest of the said group to eat for free
  • Senior Citizens privelege is  20% discount for age 60-74 yrs old
  • 75 years old and above is entitled for 50% off


Vikings Luxury Buffet

1st Level, Fountain Court area, SM Lanang Premiere

Lanang, Davao City

Facebook Page:






[Foodtrip] Terriyaki Boy

I was a bit hesitant to dine at Japanese restaurants since I am not a fan of Japanese food and got  only a few Japanese dishes I am familiar with at Terriyaki boy. It was when we were invited to a food tasting event last February that I got to taste new dishes from this resto. We tried their Sushi feast together with some new meals on the menu.  I am not much of a Japanese food fan, but the food served to us were really good.  Here are what we had during the event:

 photo d904baf6-a0f0-434a-b90a-27040dca67ba_zpsba56d4bf.jpg

Tempura Tuna Sashimi Tartare (MUST TRY!) – this is one of my favorites during the food tasting, raw tuna with tempura breading & a hint of spiciness from the chili oil.. I love how the fresh tuna blends in with the chili oil in this simple yet delicious appetizer.

 photo 77a63614-3708-4d43-ab44-14fcab602250_zpsf9e39413.jpg

Crunchy Salmon Salad– Salmon on a bed of greens in Japanese Mayo, this is also my fave appetizer

 photo 9f4180d0-2818-41df-b3cb-62d0b753cd31_zpsd73a40ae.jpg

Tofu Steak– Breaded Tofu, top with sweet savory sauce w/ ground pork, onions & shitake mushrooms. the tofu is soft with a hint of sweetness from the sauce

 photo f0f4dbb9-2c98-4276-9c5a-c626bce86930_zpsb0a13864.jpg.

Tebasaki– Japanese Style double fried Chicken Wings, it somehow is similar to the Korean fried chicken. The chicken stays crispy with a hint of terriyaki sauce.

 photo e740abab-3ec8-4eaa-a1f3-f03c9c681703_zps6e5d90f2.jpg

Tori Brown Rice Nabe– brown rice with chicken fillet, shitake mushrooms, young corn & Terriyaki Boy sauce.Its a meal on its own. – For white rice eaters, you will love this, brown rice fried rice.

 photo a4f2ee34-b145-485a-9805-a7fe728a5073_zpsa0f8111d.jpg

Terriyaki Boy Chicken– Succulent grilled boneless chicken, marinated & cooked with our very own Terriyaki Boy sauce. This is one dish I won’t miss ordering. simple yet yummy dish.

 photo da1f1d75-53c5-4ef3-a382-9ffc2c30ecc4_zps9a34fc29.jpg

Seafood Teppanyaki– Fresh prawns, yellowfin tuna, cream dory & squid stir-fried with bell peppers, onions, shitake & teppanyaki sauce.  This is one ultimate dish for seafood lovers like me.

 photo 2013-02-12133347_zps5278a022.jpg

Caramel Banana Yogato- Frozen yogurt with banana, caramel & sesame seeds. Somehow reminds me of banoffee pie 😀

Now, I have a few more new dishes I can suggest to friends to try when dining at Terriyaki boy.  It was one fun lunch for us bloggers to try this dishes while having fun chit-chatting with the owner. Thanks for inviting us to experience what’s the best dishes Terriyaki Boy is offering.

Terriyaki Boy

2nd floor Abreeza Mall beside Pancake house.

[Food Trip] Ka Lui Palawan

After our 5-days stay at Sheridan for the CCOWEF camp, we went back to the city & had our city tour before going back to Manila. We headed to Ka Lui for lunch. It took us almost an hour to get a table since we just had reserved on the spot. Upon entering the resto, you are asked to remove your shoes/ sandals inside the resto.


PhotobucketWe were starving upon having a table, we immediately ordered their shakes. Their choices of shakes are quite unique. Here are what we had for lunch:



Tubataha Salad (a mix of fresh tuna strips, bits of fruits in Season w/ Palawan dressing) @ P180 The mix of the fresh tuna, slice of mangoes & the Palawan dressing is really good. A must  try!

PhotobucketFish Roll in coco cream- its included on the Ka Lui Special Set ( Fish steak,Prawns, Fish roll in coco cream, veggies & rice) @ P435

586Crispy Fish Tail @ P385- this is good, especially if you like tuna deep fried with banana fries and papaya pickles.

Our lunch was really a feast of seafoods, not to mention the fellowship we had with friends is something worth the one hour wait. I would recommend this restos to the tourist who are to visit Palawan.

[Events] Clawdaddy opens at SM Lanang

Clawdaddy the great American Picnic’s Media Launch was held  last October 22,2012. Friends from the media & bloggers were invited to taste their food. I was one of the  privileged to get invited to the event. Clawdaddy specializes on Seafoods cooked in Cajun Seafood cooking, their extensive menu includes American food like steaks, ribs & other seafood specialties.


On the event, we were served with Davao’s fresh produce which are the Seafoods & the fresh fruits. We had a feast of flavors from their bestsellers to their seafoods. Here are some of the food served on the Media Launch:


Tri-color Nachos w/ Malagos Cream cheese & Guacamoles …Clam Chowder

Their Tri-color nachos in Malagos cheese is something new to me since the usual nachos I get to enjoy usually has this melted cheese and salsa, but this one is different since the salsa was made with mangoes, tomatoes and some greens. The Clam chowder is really good since its made of three kinds of clams which are the white clams, green clams & Imbao in a thick Malagos Bleu Cheese chowder is really good.


Seafood Skewers  & Tablea & Coffee Bread Pudding

The Seafood skewers is a mix of  Tuna  Malasuge Kebab is good, the fish was freshly grilled with sunville rice Pilaf will soon be  an addition to their menu. Not to forget the dessert, we were served with Tablea & Coffee Bread Pudding which is local dark chocolate & grown Coffee bread pudding with Marang Sauce & white chocolate cream cheese frosting. I’m not a fan of desserts but this one got me, it was quite interesting to give this pudding a touch of Davao by adding the Marang sauce to it.  This 4 new additions will soon be in their menu. Its something new for everyone to try.

   Have you ever wondered how does this Taste of Davao is all about? At a first glance, its just like your ordinary Four Season shake. Its made of Davao’s popular fruits (Durian, Pomelo, Marang & Mango) it tasted like your usual Four seasons with a hint of durian n a little sweetness of Pomelo & Marang. Something you guys should try when you visit the resto.

We were also served with some of their bestsellers which are the (from Left to Right) Cajun Shrimp Pomelo Salad its made of seared bacon wrapped shrimps, the greens, herbed croutons, organic tomatoes & Passion fruit in Pomelo viniagrette. I love the bacon wrapped shrimp mix with the greens, it really a good combination.

Grilled Oysters are char-grilled oysters are fresh, its something I don’t usually get to taste at home. This Clawdaddy Fish fry are a mix of fried Calamari, cornmeal crusted clams, blackened fish & Shrimp Popcorn w/ 3  sauces which are the tartar sauce, malt vinegar and cocktail sauce. Clawdaddy’s Fish fry is like a seafood sampler is really a good appetizer.I like their Calamari & Shrimp popcorn in Tartar sauce.  Their char grilled Baby back ribs in Honey & Molasses bbq sauce w/ dirty Jambalaya rice & Coleslaw is really good, the ribs are tender with the right amount of sweetness on the bbq sauce is good especially when paired with their dirty Jamabalaya rice. The Singaporean Crabs are crabs in sweet chili sauce, its something I really love since I am a fan of sweet spicy food, its sweetness n spiciness are just right. A must-try for new diners.


However, outstanding among their mouthwatering choices, are their delectably irresistible Boiling Bags. Found nowhere except in the superior kitchen of Clawdaddy, these boiling bags offers an array of seafood choices such as shrimp, prawn, mussels, and clams cooked in a Cajun spices.For all these the choices for the flavoring include Garlic butter, creole Cajun and the home grown clawdaddy spice. Choosing as well between mild or spicy.

Included in their quality seafood offerings are various types of crabs such as Typhoon Crab, Butter Ginger and Sand of the Beach. I love their Boiling bags, they have retained the freshness of the seafood in using this boiling bag in cooking the seafood together with the spices. Its not your usual crabs n seafood boiled and you get to pair it with our usual (soy sauce, calamansi & vinegar) to go with it. Its something different.  Its a must-try! for first timers.


Clawdaddy offers more than great food, it provides an opportunity to bond with the people close to your heart over bibs, buckets of shells and most importantly an unforgettable cuisine that offers the best that the sea has to offer.­­

[Food Trip] Arpochi

Its nice to know that many restaurants from other places in the country has started to open here in Davao, I had been passing by this Seafood resto along Polo Street near the Autoshop area. We usually pass by there since I just live somewhere near. It was just last month that I got the chance to come try their Crabs, Squid and Prawns.

Arpochi is a seafood resto that had originated in Marbel, it is owned and operated by a family. Their Marbel branch was the first that has been opened for 14 years, they had a 2nd branch in General Santos City and opened its newest branch here in Davao. The resto serves Crabs which can be cooked either Steamed or Sweet n Spicy. Prawns can be cooked Sinigang, Sweet n Spicy or Steamed.

Photobucket Photobucket
We had Sweet n Spicy Crabs, Sweet n Spicy Prawns, Adobo Ilonggo (Native Adobo Chicken cooked dry) & Pusit Steak was served to us. I love how the seafoods are freshly cooked in Sweet n Spicy sauce. You won’t need any sawsawan (condiments) to enhance the taste of the seafood, just have the sauce together with the seafood, its more than enough.

Photobucket Photobucket

My favorite among the 4 dishes that were served to us are the Crabs n Prawns. Will definitely visit them again for another round of seafoods. Would like to thank the owner Ms. Gloria Espa for serving us a seafood feast together with the Davao Bloggers.


Davao Arpochi Seafoods

Polo/ Palma Gil Street, Obrero, Davao City.

For reservations, please call (082) 3058246.

open everyday from 10AM – 10PM