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My 2012 in Review

As the year draws to an end, would like to thank the people who has inspired me to be better, for the people who have helped me learn a lesson or two, for the people who are supportive of me in fulfilling my dreams, for the laughters shared and sorrows, the lessons it has brought me for me to become a better person. The memories shared. 2012 won’t be complete without you guys! thank you Lord for 2012! looking forward to a brand new 2013! 🙂

Looking back, I would say that 2012 has been good to me. Friends from different places had visited Davao. Got a chance to travel to different places this year, met new friends, rekindle with old friends. Got an award for the first time, got to conquer my fear of heights again. Just realized that this year, attended lots of wedding,. Hopefully, I will be next in line this 2014 (wishful thinking). My 2012 won’t be complete without the support of my loving family, friends and the people who are there to support me,. Thanks 2012! 🙂 it has been a good year inspite of  the smiles & sorrows I have been through, it has taught me a lot of lessons for me to mature this year! a lot of learning this year.. hopefully 2013 will be another good year for me!  Thank you Lord! 🙂


Ber months memories

*Just felt like writing a blog today since its September 01, and I was reminiscing about what happened 5 years ago on August 31st as the clock ticked to 12 am. Everyone at the floor of an BPO company I was working with played Christmas song. It was funny that they did that..but at the same time I miss our group and the playing of christmas songs everyday since Sept. 01 up to December.

*Another thing I notice as Christmas is approaching, is as we grow old each year..we tend not to enjoy much of Christmas anymore. its like most people feel like christmas are just for kids.. As for me, I am trying to enjoy my Christmas yearly in attending the Mass, watching the christmas musical, attending the reunions of all sorts and its the time  families get together to celebrate the birth of Christ 🙂 As for now we may not be feeling the spirit of Christmas since its just the 1st day of the BER months..but soon we surely will be enjoying it.. 🙂 wishing u all an Advance Merry Christmas 🙂