[Food] Cafe Rihanna

If  you are looking for authentic Middle-Eastern dishes (Saudi Arabian food) in particular. Try Cafe Rihanna,  its just opened last Feb 29,  a new addition to a number of Mediterranean inspired restaurants in the city.


Most of their ingredients & spices are imported from Saudi Arabia.


Here are some of the food served during the food tasting and at the opening:


Chicken Biryani (Saudi Style)-Basmati Long Grain Saudi Rice & Raita Yogurt


Chicken Kabsa (Saudi Style) -Basmati Long Grain Rice


Laban- Plain Yogurt

Chicken Shawarma-  their chicken shawarma is flavorful.


Beef Samosa -the spiced beef is flavorful –MUST TRY!


Beef Turn-over- meat in between the crust. –MUST TRY!


Pita bread w/ Khubz- Plain bread w/ tomato based sauce


You can follow them @ Cafe Rihanna

Store hours 10am-10pm

Address: Don Dionisio Complex, Cabaguio Avenue, Davao City (Same area w/ Playbook Resto) at the back of CCA




Serenitea’s Christmas Offerings

Serenitea launches its first planner for 2016 because we want to be a part of your life’s greatest moment in the coming new year.  I am excited to use my Serenitea Planner. Here is what’s inside… 


List your Travel Plans, Financial Targets, Achievements, and Life Goals & Commitments

20151206_113757 You can make a list of Restaurants to try, Discount Coupons          


It also has quotes and  you could jot down ur thoughts and put reminders..

Here’s how to Avail of Serenitea’s 2016 Planner:


Make 2016 the best year ever by getting the Serenitea 2016 Planner for free by spending a minimum single receipt worth Php1,200 which includes gift certificate purchases you can use without expiration in any branch.  Available in all branches from October 25,2015 to January 15, 2016.

Aside from the Planner, Serenitea also has its Chocolate themed drinks that will surely make your Christmas more memorable. Serenitea’s Choco Holiday Series made in partnership with Toblerone.


Treat yourself and loved ones with our Cranberry Bliss with White Chocolate, White Chaffe Mocha with Milk Chocolate and the bestseller Chocolate Dream with Dark Chocolate for only Php 185.00.

These Toblerone drinks are available from October 20, 2015 to December 2015.

And finally, what is Christmas without our annual JUMBO CUP promo as we celebrate our 7th year anniversary!!!


Go JUMBO cup on our bestseller drinks for three days starting in December 16 to 18,2015!

It’s our way of showing our liter of love for you this Serenitea-filled Christmas in 2015!

[Event] Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Giving Journal Launch

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has launched its Giving Journal 2016 last Saturday. It was held at CBTL’s SM Lanang branch. It was a well-attended event by media friends and Davao bloggers it was a morning of new learning & inspiration. It was somewhat a mini-reunion for us bloggers.


Davao bloggers at the CBTL Holiday Launch

CBTL hopes to give flavorfully this season, through the release of its The Giving Journal. The journal is designed to inspire us to pursue our passion and at the same time give back by helping others. IMG_20151107_102239 CBTL partnered with Real LIFE Foundation (the Giving Journals beneficiary) to support educational needs for the less fortunate.  They already had sponsored 38 University Scholars since 2011-giving them the chance to fulfill their dreams and help their families and for them to have a brighter future. You can avail of a planner by simply collecting 12 stamps( 1 Tea Latte, 1 Coffee Espresso, 1 Christmas Drink & 9 your own choice of drinks) by ordering CBTL drinks (ice blended/hot). IMG_20151107_111712 Planners are available on Tiffany Blue, Mustard Yellow, Purple & Brown Aside from the launch, I had a great time learning a new skill… watercolor Calligraphy! 😀 It was something new to me and I find it relaxing, though it takes a lot of practice, it was fun discovering that you can still learn something new and reflect on what my Life Mantra for 2016  would be/should be.. 🙂 IMG_20151107_120839Can’t wait to fill my Giving Journal with inspiring thoughts, new life experiences, activities , travel plans and food trips as 2016 is fast approaching! 🙂   I’ll let you take a look at the Giving Journal Pages 20151111_192858Monthly Highlights for 2016  20151111_192936 Monthly discount Coupons   CBTL also launched its Christmas drink which will be made available this Christmas season.  toffee-nut-ice-blended Toffee Nut –  its flavor is buttery caramelized sugar inspired by traditional holiday confections with a hint of nut, paired with the richness of espresso and sprinkles of toffee bits. Comes in 2 variations ( Iced drink or Warm Latte) winter-dream-tea-latte Winter Dream Tea-  A drink that is to be anticipated & loved by the cafe’s patrons, rooibos and black tea are blended with sweet spices and hints of Vanilla. Comes in 2 variations ( Iced drink or Warm Latte) This Season…may we Give Flavorfully! 😀 ——————————————————————————————— CBTL FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/coffeebeanphilippines/ Instagram: @cbtlph Brew your best Year: https://www.facebook.com/brewyourbestyear Instagram: @brewph

[Event] K1 Family KTV & Spa

K1 has been the first few places which has opened a few years back. I could remember that its our go to place whenever my friends felt like singing their hearts out. Its also our hang-out place whenever we want to just chill, play games, kinect and order a few snacks. Last month, the Davao bloggers were invited by the owner to a quick tour of what they are offering.  Here are the KTV rooms:


KTV room good for up to 25 persons

004  KTV room good for 12 pax      

003Good for 8 pax

K1 is not just a KTV place, they also have a restuarant which serves different dishes. Aside from the KTV rooms, they also have Lounges that you can rent for special occassions.


After the quick tour, we had a sumptuous dinner with the owners, here are my favorites from what were served to us/ 2015-09-04_12-52-27 Beef Salpicao–  The beef is tender and tasty. A must try! 2015-09-04_12-54-01 Chicken Fillet Steak– If u love eating sizzling chicken, you will love their version of chicken steak.2015-09-04_12-55-20 Seafood in Oyster Sauce  – I like the combination of seafood and oyster sauce.  2015-09-04_12-56-32 Four Seasons Pizza – A mix of Pepperoni, Mushroom Hawaiian,&Seafood Marinara Pizza.

After dinner, we had time to bond over dessert… KTV and kinect.
11760318_10155876861185188_1961297397639299820_nAfter all the fun, we have come to the relaxing part, we tried their spa services. Here are the rooms at the SPA area: 017 009 007


2015-09-04_12-57-33 Thanks K1 Family KTV and Spa  for a fun and relaxing night! 🙂 ——————————————————————————————- FB:  K1FamilyKtvCafeSpa Instagram: @k1davao

[Food] Vikings World Street Food

I love to explore the world not just viewing it through pictures, watching it through the television, but tasting the different food it offers.  As I go out and explore the world through travelling,  aside from seeing their famous sights, knowing a bit of their culture, shopping for some goodies, my first priority as always is to taste its food, especially its street food. But since I don’t get to frequently travel the world, I guess tasting its food through dining in restaurants which offers different dishes and through this World street food would suffice for now.

This August, Vikings SM Lanang Premiere brings you World Street Food. Here are the Menu:

Tacos Al Pastor (Mexico)- Is a dish developed in Central Mexico, an adaptation of the shawarma spit-grilled meat brought by Lebanese immigrants to Mexico. Similar to Turkish Kebab & Greek gyros, but this one is made from thin strips of pork marinated in spices, chilies and stacked onto a long spit called a trompo. This is very flavorful, one of my favorite dish during the food tasting. –MUST TRY!  IMG_20150723_181158 Rou Jia Mo (China)-  means meat burger, is a street food originating from Shaanxi Province and now widely consumed all over China. The meat is most commonly pork, stewed for hours in a soup containing over 20 spices and seasonings. This is somewhat similar to “Cua Pao” or ” Hong Ma Pao”.       IMG_20150723_181441 Espetinho (Brazil)-  A  Portugese word which means “little skewer” and is the word that Brazilian use to describe what is known in English as Kebab. For the food tasting, we had Seafood kebab, which had fish, shrimps, mushrooms and the sauce under the kebab that was sweet n tangy.      IMG_20150723_181516 Pork Satay (Indonesia)- Satay is a dish seasoned , skewered and grilled meat, served with sauce. It may consist of diced or sliced of different meats, the more authentic version uses skewers from the midrib of the coconut palm frond. These are grilled or barbecued over a wood or charcoal fire, then served with variety of spicy seasonings. Satay originated in Java, Indonesia. Its the national dish of Indonesia. This  grilled pork satay is dipped in peanut curry sauce, I like the taste of the mixture of the peanut curry dip. –MUST TRY!    IMG_20150723_182029

Suppli (Italy)-  An Italian snacks consisting of rice ball, generally risotto, w/ tomato sauce, and raw egg. This rice balls contains rice, mozzarella cheese, tomato, a bit of meat, something new to my tastebuds.


Jerk Chicken (Jamaica)-  Jerk is a style of cooking native  to Jamaica in which meat is dry-rubbed or wet marinated with a very hot spice mixture called Jamaican jerk spice.  The chicken was flavorful and a bit spicy, the rice was also flavorful, a bit strong taste.. both are my favorite during the food tasting- MUST TRY!

IMG_20150723_183240Durum (Turkey)- A wrap that is usually filled with typical doner kebab ingridients. The wrap is made from lavash or yufka flatbread. This one is somewhat similar to shawarma.       IMG_20150723_185635

Crepe (France)- is a type of very think pancake made from wheat flour or buckwheat flour.  You can put fresh fruits, jams, meats or other sauces for savory crepes. As for this, we were served crepe with banana & nutella topped with ice cream to cap off our World Street Food tour.

Now, we can explore the world through the food of this various countries.

Vikings World Street Food available on Dinner every Weekdays, Lunch/ Dinner on Weekends, for the whole month of August. 


Ground Floor, The Fountain Court, 
SM Lanang Premiere,
 J.P. Laurel Ave, Davao City
Phone: (082) 285 3888

[Food] Curry Express

Curry Express is a quaint Indian Restaurant, not the usual fancy Indian resto you get to see on movies.  With the population of Indians coming to Davao to get a good Medical education, its really a good idea to have an Indian restaurant that could cater to these students.  I have always wanted to try different types of food and at the same time I like spicy food. Here are what we had during the food tasting:


Shrimp Biryani – its a mixed rice dish made w/ spices, rice & veggies. An o


Chicken Curry–  Must Try!  Their chicken curry is really good,  its flavorful, best paired w/ Chapati.  IMG_20150704_193455

Prawn Masala– is an Indian spice mix, for this prawn masala its abit spicy and yet flavorful.

IMG_20150704_195333 Vegetable Fried Rice- this vegetable fried rice is not just your ordinary fried rice, its packed with flavors from Indian Spices.. MUST TRY!  IMG_20150704_195036

Chicken 65-  is a spicy, deep -fried chicken dish originating from Chennai, India. the chicken is cooked with lots of chilis! Spicy food lovers would love this!- MUST TRY!


Potato Masala– another version of the Masala dish, this time using potatoes.


Chili Chicken-  If your “in” for a little sweet spicy level, go for this chili chicken.


Aloo bonda- Fried Potato Balls that’s crispy outside and quite similar to mashed potatoes inside but with a twist of Indian flavors. MUST TRY!


Chapati– Best paired with Chicken Curry


Dosa w/ Peanut Chutney– Dosa is a fermented crepe made from rice batter and black lentils. There are different chutneys that can be paired with this crepe dessert.

Curry Express is owned and managed by Michelle Golajer, she personally cooks most of the dishes. Dishes are very affordable, they not only serve Curry, Masala, & Dosa’s. They also serve Vegetarian dishes, Flat breads, Yogurt etc. They also accept catering for special occassions.

Our Indian food tasting was a taste adventure for me since most of us, like me, would prefer to eat the usual Filipino, Chinese,Italian or comfort foods we love to have, but trying something new at times is fun. Thanks for having us! 🙂

Have you been to Curry Express? What’s your fave dish? 🙂 Drop us a line..


Curry Express Indian Restaurant
Block 10 Lot 19, Dona Vicenta Village, Circumferential Road, Davao City
(beside Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle Shop)
Phone (082) 324-6946
Open daily from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM

[Food] Perch Kitchen + Bar

Davao has recently grown bigger with the opening of new malls & new restaurants,  investors are confident that the spending power of the Davaoeno’s are getting better. Perch Modern Kitchen + Bar is another new player on the restaurant industry.


Last month, Perch invited us bloggers for a night of food tasting.  Among the food served to us, here are my personal favorites.


Panko Crusted Oyster Sisig – I like how the crusted oyster mixed well with the sauce, egg + chicharon,  perfect beer match- MUST TRY! 


Whiskey Chops– Tender Pork marinated lightly on Whiskey


Perch Rising Sun Angus Burger Steak –  this is one of my personal fave as the beef is juicy and the serving is quite big. –MUST TRY!


Truffsilog- Truffle + Angus Beef+ Sinangag (Fried/Garlic Rice) + Itlog (Egg) – your ultimate Breakfast meal in one. I must say it tops my list! – MUST TRY!


Longcheelog Pizza – For pizza lovers who prefer to have their breakfast faves longganisa+ egg+ cheese, on pizza as toppings, here is another  MUST TRY! pizza! its good!


Caldereta Pizza– this pizza is really tasty, at first bite you’ll really say its surprisingly good, covered with lots of thinly sliced potatoes. another favorite during the food tasting!-MUST TRY!


Fried Burrito in Squash Sauce–  If your craving for something Mexican, try this Fried mexican burrito, its really good, something different on their menu.


Candied Bacon–  This was the crowd favorite during the food tasting,  definitely never miss ordering this when dining at Perch! –MUST TRY!

Perch Kitchen + Bar is not just a place where people could hang-out and drink, its also a place for family and friends to bond overgood food and enjoy a world of different flavors all in one place.


PERCH Kitchen + Bar

2nd Floor Al Fresco, Felcris Centrale, Quimpo Blvd, Davao City

Perch Kitchen + BAR FB Page

[Event] Greenwich Choco banana Crisp

Greenwich’s favorite pizzas and pastas bring friends together. and when the meal is over and its time to part, Greenwich leaves no room for bitterness.

For only P109 (dine-in), have a sweet ending to every meal especially on this sweetest month of the year with all-new #ChocoBananaCrisp, a 9-inch dessert pe made with bananas, chocolate, and your favorite Italian hazelnut cream, Nutella.


The crispy and tasty dessert is designed to be shared, so grab your barkada and visit the nearest Greenwich store to enjoy the #ChocoBananaCrisp today.

Had lots of food and lots of fun with Blogger friends at the launch 🙂 here are some of what we had that night :




Choco Banana Crisp, Chicken, Lasagna & Barkada Ultimate Overlaoad Pizza



Ultimate Special & 7 Cheese Pizza 

Aside from the launch of the Choco Banana Crisp. They are promoting their Greenwich Card which customers can avail by paying P100 and they can reload it everytime they order food, they can enjoy discounts and perks by using the card.



Davao Delivery Hotline  : (082) 225- 1000

  • for orders www.greenwich.com.ph
  • www.greenwichdelivery.com