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Ideas on How to enjoy Lotus Biscoff?

It was just last saturday that I got to know about Lotus Biscoff at the DDI Acquaintance Party.  Upon my first taste of it, it reminds me of cookie butter, which was popular way back. Lotus Biscoff is best paired with coffee, but since I am not a coffee drinker, I had thought of some ways of enjoying biscoff my way!


How to enjoy Lotus Biscoff? Here my top 3 Ideas:


#1 I enjoy pairing Biscoff with my Wheat grass drink when I am in a hurry on breakfast!


#2 Oatmeal w/ Peaches & Biscoff is such a treat for people who love dessert but doesn’t love the taste of oatmeal! 😀


#3 Dessert: U can enjoy it as toppings for desserts.. its like sweet for my sweets 😀 another idea is coffee ice cream with Lotus Biscoff! 😀

I know you may have more ideas on how to enjoy your Lotus Biscoff.. What do u think of my ideas?  For those who haven’t yet discover the great chemistry of coffee and Biscoff.. give it a try!