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[Recipes] Jolly Guinataan Corn w/ Gelatin

Its almost summer, how do most of us celebrate summer? Some go on vacations, or go on the beach or do other outdoor activities since most schools are having their break. Most of us spend our summer with family at home, or on picnics. If you enjoy cooking, here is a  simple dessert I want share to you. An ideal dessert for the summer season!


If you like eating something with guinataan or you like maja? or something cold like halo-halo.. you will like this simple recipe.



90 g Unflavored Gulaman       200 ml Jolly  Coconut Milk

500 ml Water                                60 ml Jolly Condensed milk

200 g  Jolly Corn Kernels


  1. Combine Gelatine Powder and water  in a pot, stir until powder is well dissolved. Bring to a boil and then pour into moulds. Let it set. Once set cut Gelatine into small cubes.
  2. Combine Coconut milk and Condensed Milk in a bowl. Add in corn kernels and gulaman. Add crused ice.. Chill and serve.

Enjoy summer with this Simple recipe! 😀